A Glimpse Into the World’s Most Sustainable New Hotels

These cutting-edge retreats are more than just sumptuous sanctuaries—they epitomize a commitment to protecting our collective home.

View of the mountains and hotel with an infinity pool.
Forestis in Bressanone, Italy. Forestis

In the most secluded reaches of our world, a new breed of luxury hotels and resorts has emerged, capturing the hearts of even the most ardent devotees of lavish getaways. These establishments demonstrate that prioritizing the planet’s well-being need not require guests to forgo a single ounce of comfort during their stay. However, fashioning green accommodations of a certain standard is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Some properties excel as conductors, efficiently harnessing the power of solar, wind and geothermal resources. Others are built entirely from organic or repurposed materials to mitigate waste.

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But the impact of these hotels extends beyond environmental conservation. They also champion the communities that sustain them, whether by employing local talent or supporting initiatives that promote a thriving and empowered society. These paragons of sustainable hospitality not only embody long-term stewardship but also inspire admiration from even the most skeptical onlookers, empowering them to transform even the most indifferent guests into compassionate custodians of our planet.

From the sun-kissed shores of Indonesia’s Cap Karoso to the verdant hills of New York’s Wildflower Farms, these cutting-edge retreats represent more than just sumptuous sanctuaries; they epitomize a commitment to protecting our collective home—on Earth Day and beyond. As the line between luxury and sustainability blurs, these establishments illuminate the path forward, proving that indulgence and ecological mindfulness can coexist harmoniously.

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The Best New Sustainable Hotels Around the World

Mountain view at dusk
Flock Hill Lodge. Barry Tobin

Flock Hill Lodge 

Craigieburn Valley, New Zealand

Flock Hill Lodge is a masterclass in sustainable agriculture meeting show-stopping design head-on. Cradled in the Craigieburn Valley of the Southern Alps, the 36,000-acre working sheep farm revealed the jewel in its crown in 2022: a modernist, four-bedroom lodge from architects Warren & Mahoney, whose mastery channels the region’s distinct rock formations into its design through exposed timber beams, limestone cladding, and a panoramic terrace with a fire pit, heated pool, and spa. Inside, Christchurch-based designer Jessica Close creates a sophisticated yet unpretentious ambiance with custom furnishings and textiles by New Zealand talent. As for its prized sheep’s wool, Flock Hill stands by the stringent guidelines for ethical production per ZQ Merino certification, while also enforcing a comprehensive pest management plan to shield the greater biodiversity from invasive species like stoats, wasps and wilding pines. Flock Hill Lodge

Luxurious hut on the plains
Wilderness Vumbura Plains. Wilderness

Wilderness Vumbura Plains

Lechomos, Botswana

In 2022, Vumbura Plains experienced a renaissance as Wilderness enlisted the visionary talents of Cate Simpson from Reflecting Africa, as well as regional artisans, to breathe new life into the camp. The grand revelation unveiled 14 captivating guest suites, each an intricate fusion of sophisticated, thatched-roof design, organic wood flooring and meticulously handwoven textiles. Wilderness’ commitment to sustainability transcends its eco-friendly construction, as it leases land from adjacent villages and provides employment for 150 local community members. The lodge’s enduring alliance with the Okavango Community Trust, forged in 1996, addresses pressing local concerns and offers vital support for sustainable farming practices. The partnership embodies Vumbura Plains’ unwavering devotion to environmental conservation and the enrichment of its surrounding community, exemplifying the true essence of responsible luxury. Wilderness Vumbura Plains

Penthouse suite with mountain view.
Forestis. Forestis


Bressanone, Italy

Fueled exclusively by renewable energy, Forestis holistically embraces a harmonious relationship with its alpine environs in the Dolomites. For the new towers that soar above the original sanatorium, local architect Armin Sader managed to achieve carbon-neutral construction by utilizing all-natural materials from the surrounding area and incorporating traditional Tyrolean design elements. For every tree cut down during the build, two saplings were replanted to promote regrowth. Sustainable heating is achieved through the use of wood pellets, while water is supplied by a pristine artesian spring. The locavore kitchen maintains a zero-waste philosophy, even designing custom wooden boxes for deliveries. And for each day that guests activate their room’s “no housekeeping” button, the hotel will plant a tree on their behalf. Forestis

villa with pool
Cap Karoso. ALEX GRABCHILEV / Cap Karoso

Cap Karoso

Sumba, Indonesia

Born from the visionary minds of Fabrice and Evguenia Ivara, this eco-luxe hideaway spans a two-acre organic farm and beachfront in an uncharted corner of Sumba Island. Architect Gary Fell and Bitte Design Studio effortlessly merge sustainable elements into each studio and villa, featuring an earth-friendly water treatment system and solar panels that supply half of the property’s energy. Cap Karoso exemplifies community-centric values by hiring predominantly local staff and incorporating farm-fresh produce in its gastronomic offerings. With plans for coral conservation, it also promises to be a haven for sustainability-savvy travelers seeking an extraordinary experience. Cap Karoso

Cabin with view of foliage.
Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection. Auberge Resorts Collection

Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection

Gardiner, New York

At Wildflower Farms, farm-to-table meets “wild comfort” cuisine in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. Savor vegetable-forward creations at destination restaurant Clay, crafted by culinary maestro chef Rob Lawson alongside the founding farmers of the surrounding six-acre farmstead. Guests can delight in locally sourced produce and proteins from independently owned provisioners, such as Norwich Meadows Farm and Kinderhook Farm, and ignite their culinary curiosity at Maplehouse, an innovative cooking school and farm education center offering cooking classes, botanical mixology, and wild mushroom workshops. With Wildflower’s visiting chef series, fresh takes on the Hudson Valley’s hyperlocal food chain are always on the horizon. Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection

Hotel room with white bed and multiple windows.
Hotel Marcel. Seamus Payne

Hotel Marcel

New Haven, Connecticut

In May 2023, Hotel Marcel will commemorate much more than its one-year anniversary as it earns the title of being America’s first net-zero hotel. Repurposing the iconic Marcel Breuer-designed Pirelli Tire Building, the 1970s brutalist landmark showcases sustainability in every detail. Brooklyn-based Dutch East Design prioritized adaptive reuse for its reno, repurposing existing materials such as lobby lounge floorplates, ceilings and wood-paneled walls. A power-over-ethernet system reduces energy consumption by thirty percent while 1,000 photovoltaic panels contribute energy back to the grid. Electric vehicle drivers can also rejoice, with a dozen Tesla Superchargers and level-two universal EV chargers installed on-site. Hotel Marcel

Guest room with forest view.
Montage Healdsburg CHRISTIAN HORAN PHOTOGRAPHY / Montage Healdsburg

Montage Healdsburg

Healdsburg, California 

At Montage Healdsburg, California’s natural beauty is preserved through a slew of innovative eco-measures. From solar panels and motion-detector LED lighting to “recruiting” grazing sheep for fire fuel mitigation, the Wine Country resort exemplifies a harmonious relationship with its surroundings. (Its buildings were even built on elevated platforms to safeguard 22,000 pre-existing oak trees on the grounds.) Mindful of California’s drought conditions, Montage Healdsburg uses water conservation strategies such as alternative ground coverings, drip irrigation and recycled water usage. With ambitious plans to expand sustainability efforts, the resort is planning to adopt vermiculture, incorporate organic honey from its on-site apiary and cultivate a garden for fresh produce integration. Montage Healdsburg

Public space with high ceilings and wood beams
Trailborn Rocky Mountains. Courtesy Trailborn Rocky Mountains

Trailborn Rocky Mountains

Estes Park, Colorado

Trailborn is a green-minded newcomer poised to create a lasting, positive influence on local communities and America’s most treasured natural landscapes.  For its debut lodge, the team collaborated with the esteemed Venice Beach-based architectural firm Electric Bowery, which skillfully incorporated rugged Rocky Mountain details into the low-impact design, drawing inspiration from quintessential American themes. With the “Keep Extraordinary” initiative, each guest reservation at Trailborn directly contributes to land conservation efforts, thereby preserving the great outdoors for future generations. Expanding beyond Colorado, Trailborn aims to inspire guests to participate in the protection of landscapes through the opening of upcoming properties in Arizona, North Carolina and California. Trailborn Rocky Mountains

A Glimpse Into the World’s Most Sustainable New Hotels