What to Watch on Streaming This Week: April 14-20

Including the final seasons of 'Barry' and 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'.

Bill Hader in Season 4 of Barry. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO

This week’s headliners include the final seasons of two contemporary comedic titans, plus a new take on religious horror, a complicated thriller, and a fun addition to the Florida man mythos. Laughs, gasps, and more await you on your streaming journey this week.

What to watch on Netflix

Florida Man

Florida Man takes the concept that it’s based on — the kind of chaos that can only be found in the hearts and minds of those who reside in the Sunshine State — and turns it into a dramatic romp through the swamp. Édgar Ramirez stars as an ex-cop who returns to his home state to get a clean break from his questionable connections. All he has to do is track down the runaway girlfriend (Abbey Lee) of a mob boss, but suffice to say it’s easier said than done. Florida Man premiered Thursday, April 13th.


This steamy limited series may just be your next favorite guilty pleasure. Obsession proudly takes on the toxic, focusing on a romantic relationship that threatens to tear an entire family apart. Richard Armitage stars as William, a happily-married surgeon with a son who’s on track to walk down the aisle soon. Well, he would be, if William hadn’t fallen for his son’s fiancée Anna (Charlie Murphy), who shares his attraction. Their infatuation for one another becomes something much more addictive, making for a titillating erotic thriller. Obsession premiered Thursday, April 13th.

What to watch on Hulu

The Offering

In The Offering, a malevolent spirit stalks a part of Brooklyn’s Hasidic community. Art is a man who’s long abandoned the rigid tradition that runs in his family, marrying a gentile woman and distancing himself from his widowed father. The prodigal son returns home — or, rather, to the funeral home, since his dad operates one and lives in it. Determined to prove himself, Art gets to work in the morgue, but his lack of practice leads to the release of a dangerous demon. Tradition clashes with rationality as this ancient spirit threatens everything he loves. The Offering streams starting Friday, April 14th.

What to watch on Amazon Prime

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The first show to begin its curtain call this week is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This marks the fifth and final season of the beloved period comedy, and you can be sure it’s going out with a bang. Rachel Brosnahan’s Midge started her journey as an unlikely comedienne who was on her way to making it big before an on-stage fall from grace, but last season saw her rise up once again. This season, it’s now or never for Midge, her career, and the family and friends who rely on her. Season 5 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premieres Friday, April 14th.

What to watch on HBO Max


The second series bidding a bittersweet adieu is the deep dark black comedy that is Barry. Season 4 opens with Bill Hader’s veteran turned hitman turned actor where he probably should be — in prison. While fellow criminal Fuches (Stephen Root) joins Barry behind bars, the rest of the ensemble is spread out: acting teacher Gene (Henry Winkler) is on the outside juggling his connection to Barry with his own grief, girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg) can’t find it in her to quit Hollywood, and NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) has a new scheme up his sleeve. Season 4 of Barry premieres Sunday, April 16th.

What to watch on Apple TV+

The Last Thing He Told Me

The Last Thing He Told Me features an ever-growing mystery solved by an unlikely duo. Based on the hit novel of the same name, this thriller series stars Jennifer Garner as a woman whose husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) disappears in the wake of a massive fraud investigation. Before he left, he provided a few hints in the form of letters to his wife and his daughter from a previous marriage (Angourie Rice) and a stack of cash. Mother and step-daughter must band together to figure out the truth that the man they love is hiding. The Last Thing He Told Me premieres Friday, April 14th.

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