What to Watch on Streaming This Week: April 7-13

Including A24's 'Beef', plus rom coms starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez.

Steven Yeun in Beef. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Love stories and hate stories alike make up some of the most exciting new movies and shows on streaming this week, and who am I to say which one is more entertaining? Whether you want a rom com with marquee names or a road-rage tale for the ages, quite a range of human experience is up and coming this week.

What to watch on Netflix


In A24’s newest dramedy series, Steven Yeun and Ali Wong face off in a prolonged road-rage battle. Beef sees the birth of an epic feud in a hardware store parking lot, as Danny (Yeun) and Amy (Wong) happen to find each other at a low point. He’s scrambling to create financial stability for his family at home and abroad, while she’s about to explode from the pressure of her job, her in-laws, and her own unreachable standards. So while they don’t quite get into a fender-bender, the near-accident gives both all the excuse in the world to let go and let chaos take the wheel. Beef premieres Thursday, April 6th.


Perhaps a scrappier version of Casablanca, this miniseries takes cues from the decade it takes place in to present a daring story from recent history. Transatlantic tells the true tale of a ragtag bunch who band together to save a vast array of European writers, thinkers, and freedom fighters from the encroaching wrath of the Nazis during World War II. As the Germans descend on France, a journalist and an heiress team up to circumvent the more official channels of escape, risking it all to save as many as they can. Transatlantic premieres Friday, April 7th.

What to watch on Hulu

Tiny Beautiful Things

Kathryn Hahn stars in this “raw, unfiltered, and excellent” drama about a woman who reluctantly takes over an advice column. Tiny Beautiful Things sees Hahn play Clare, a woman with a feeble writing career who’s pivoted to elder care. Her marriage is in shambles, her relationship with her daughter is tenuous, and she still struggles with the premature loss of her own mother. But when a friend gives her the opportunity to write for his column, “Dear Sugar,” Clare finds hope and relief in what she can offer others. Maybe she can follow her own advice too. Tiny Beautiful Things premieres Friday, March 7th.

Flux Gourmet

If you liked The Menu, then you’ll almost certainly have an appetite for Flux Gourmet. Satire meets horror by way of a trio of experimental artists who engage in the form of sonic catering — think of it as food-based ASMR with an extra level of pretention. Their biggest benefactor asks them to get ever-weirder in their artistic endeavors, inviting along a vaguely qualified journalist to document it all. It’s certainly not for everyone (one character’s gastrointestinal problems may very well be shared by audiences who don’t find pleasure in playing with their food in these weird ways), but it’s assuredly a movie you won’t soon forget. Flux Gourmet streams starting Thursday, April 13th.

What to watch on Amazon Prime

Ticket to Paradise

Who could say no to a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney? Punch your Ticket to Paradise to watch these two stars play a divorced couple who team up to sabotage their daughter’s (Kaitlyn Dever) impending nuptials. It’s not that they hate romance or destination weddings, they’re just trying to help her in the long run! She’s throwing her budding career away for a guy she just met, and they don’t want her to make the same mistakes they did. Of course, they may be willing to make those mistakes again themselves. Ticket to Paradise streams starting Tuesday, April 11th.

What to watch on Peacock

Marry Me

More rom-com royalty graces this list thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Marry Me. The multitalented star plays pop superstar Kat Valdez, a woman spurned by her fiancé (Maluma) right before they’re set to get married on stage. In an effort to save face, she picks out a man among the crowd holding a sign that reads “Marry Me” and makes good on his halfhearted request. She weds herself to a homely, divorced math teacher (Owen Wilson), and a new odd couple is born. He’s awkward, she’s a media magnet, but will they be able to make it work? Marry Me streams starting Tuesday, April 11th.

What to Watch is a regular endorsement of movies and TV worth your streaming time. What to Watch on Streaming This Week: April 7-13