The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Loves to Cook

From a new air fryer to a BBQ knife set, there's something for everyone.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Loves to Cook
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Here’s what to get the dad who loves to cook this Father’s Day.

If your dad is always in the kitchen (whether he’s whipping up his famous pancakes or trying out a brand new recipe), then he probably already has gadgets galore. Father’s Day is coming up on June 18, and if you’re trying to figure out a cooking-related gift idea that he doesn’t have yet, we’ve got you covered. We found tons of great gifts for the dad who adores all things food related, with everything from the most popular air fryer on the market to a much needed coffee upgrade. Read on to discover the best Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who loves to cook.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Dad Who Loves to Cook

The best cooking gifts for the most special guy you know.

  • silver air fryer

    Cosari 13-Quart Air Fryer Oven

    Air fryers are easily one of the best gifts for home cooks looking to experiment in the kitchen—these are basically Easy Bake Ovens for grown-ups. Cosori makes some of the top smart kitchen appliances on the market, and whether your dad is in a small space and needs an itty bitty air fryer or he wants to cook the Thanksgiving bird inside, there are multiple options. We recommend gifting him the 13 Quart air fryer, which can also replace his old toaster, to really give him room to run wild with his creations.

    $139.99, Shop Now
  • bbq kniffe set

    Cangshan BBQ Knife 7-Piece Set

    If he’s into grill tools, consider this barbecue knife set, available on Amazon, which guarantees your dad will want to BBQ all year long. The set features multiple German steel knives, including one with a sharp Asian-style edge. There’s even a lifetime warranty, so he’ll always be a grill master.

    $149.95, Shop Now
  • pizza oven

    Ooni Karu 12G Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

    If your dad fancies himself an Italian chef, you’ll want to give him this outdoor pizza oven. The lightweight, portable pizza oven is the latest model from Ooni, complete with an integrated thermometer and glass door, so you can see your pizza cooking. It’s super fast, too; he’ll have a wood-fired pie ready to go in just one minute. It heats up the toppings and makes them perfectly crisp, whether he’s a pepperoni or veggies guy.

    $429, Shop Now
  • kitchen appliance to make ice cream

    Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker 

    There’s a reason the Ninja Creami has been all over social media lately. This nifty gadget transforms almost anything into ice cream, from frozen peaches to milk with a healthy dash of protein powder. This is the ultimate way to treat your father figure, so he can truly indulge—he can easily make any frozen base into ice cream, sorbets, milkshakes or even “mix-ins,” reminiscent of Dairy Queen Blizzards.

    $229.99, Shop Now
  • coffee machine with different types of coffee drinks
    Mr. Coffee

    Mr. Coffee 4-in-1 Single-Serve Latte Lux, Iced, and Hot Coffee Maker

    If your dad spends a bit too much time at Starbucks, gift him this Mr. Coffee. It’s no ordinary machine; this 4-in-1 coffee maker will let your dad make frozen, iced and hot coffee for himself and the whole family, if he’s feeling generous. It’s a much needed upgrade from the pot he usually puts on to brew.

    $149.99, Shop Now
  • blue ice trays

    Souper Cubes Gift Set

    Are you tired of finding mysterious Ziploc baggies used as storage in the freezer? Give your dad Souper Cubes, as these are the perfect gift for the foodie father who tends to make a bit too much of everything. Souper Cubes look like big ice cube trays, and make it super easy for him to put in some stew or chili for later. Best of all, it makes soups and stews simple to reheat, since the high-quality silicone containers can be frozen or baked up to 415 degrees.

    $69.99, Shop Now
  • cold brew machine
    Shine by Tribest.

    Shine by Tribest Rapid Cold Brew Machine

    This machine makes the perfect cold brew, without the hassle. It uses an innovative vacuum extraction technology to brew both coffee and tea in around 15 minutes, so you can enjoy a coffee mug filled with cold brew without waiting for your drink to cool down.

    $129.95, Shop Now
  • pasta in a plastic box
    Charlie's Table.

    Charlie's Table Oasis Gluten-Free Artisanal Pasta

    If your dad isn’t a gadget guy, get him a sample pack of this New York-based gluten-free, vegan and kosher pasta sure to spice up his dinner game. You can make your own gift box by pairing different shapes of pasta; perhaps throw in a fancy olive oil and fresh parmesan to really make it feel like his special day.

    $50, Shop Now
  • cutting board

    Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

    It’s no surprise that Epicurean’s original Kitchen Series cutting boards have been a best-seller for home cooks for the last 20 years. These cutting boards are known for being super durable, but also super natural. They’re made from a sustainable paper composite material, plus they’re dishwasher-safe and lightweight. If you want to make dad’s day, personalize this cutting board by getting it monogrammed at Williams Sonoma or Crate + Barrel.

    $46.99, Shop Now
  • large chef's knife

    Victorinox Swiss Classic Chef's Knife, 8"

    This Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife, available at Sur la Table, will make any home cook feel like a professional chef. It’s super sharp and lightweight enough for meal prep of any kind. It really maintains its sharp edge, so your dad won’t have to constantly sharpen his handy dandy new kitchen tool.

    $61, Shop Now
  • three jars of honey, maple and sriracha
    Bushwick Kitchen.

    Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Sriracha Gift Set

    Does your dad go through enough sriracha that he just might have single-handedly caused the shortage? Luckily, New York-based Bushwick Kitchen still has plenty left, including the Weak Knees gift set, which features an absolutely delightful selection of three different varieties, ranging from one so sweet anyone can try it to an extra spicy one that could be dangerous.

    $46.99, Shop Now
  • three bottles of hot sauce
    Maker's Collection.

    Maker's Collection Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce Trio

    If your dad isn’t a sriracha enthusiast, and is actually more of a hot sauce kind of man, this super spicy trio offers a luxurious upgrade from Tabasco. With ingredients like heirloom tomatoes, black truffle and cáscara, he’ll want to keep these handy, whether he’s having dinner or getting ready to grill.

    $50, Shop Now
  • red cast iron dutch oven
    Lodge Cookware.

    Lodge Cookware 7.5" Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    Your dad will so appreciate this stunning red Dutch oven. This cast-iron pot makes cooking anything a breeze; it retains heat but doesn’t absorb odors or flavors, so it’s perfect for marinating, heating up a favorite dish and then popping it in the refrigerator.

    $200, Shop Now
  • Graza Drizzle & Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Graza Drizzle & Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This high-quality EVOO is in an innovative squeeze bottle that’s extremely easy to use, so your dad won’t have to worry about pouring on way too much. The olive oil is made with Picual olives from Spain; it’s extremely fresh and never blended. There’s one option for drizzling and another for cooking, and both are available in a gift pack. If you want to really treat dad, get him a subscription box, so he’ll always be stocked up.

    $35, Shop Now
  • Breville Control Grip

    Breville Control Grip

    This stainless steel Breville immersion blender is perfect if your dad is just as obsessed with new technology and appliances as he is with spending time in the kitchen. This Control Grip includes anti-suction technology so there’s no mess, plus there’s an ergonomic trigger grip to make blending even more comfortable.

    $129, Shop Now
The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Loves to Cook