An Insider’s Summertime Guide to Ibiza

Here's how to experience the lesser-known side of Ibiza.

water cove in ibiza with the coAst and boats in the water
Ibiza. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Evolving beyond its stereotypical image of pulsating dance floors, intoxicating parties and sunrise beach revelries, Ibiza, the famed White Isle, has undergone a remarkable transformation. It’s as if the island has traded its time-worn party shoes for a pair of sustainably chic sandals—and the fit is perfect.

Contemporary Ibiza presents an alluring mix of mindful retreat and subtle glamour, as captivating as a sun-kissed sangria. Although the energetic core of the island remains vibrantly alive, its rhythm has shifted to a more soothing cadence. Legendary nightclubs like Pacha, Ushuaïa and Amnesia continue to vibrate with exuberant life, their magnetism unfaded by the passage of time. Yet as daylight wanes, the island unveils a new side: a medley of wine bars, gastropubs and design-forward restaurants have emerged as nightlife hotspots alongside the time-honored mega-clubs.

More than just a sanctuary for the hedonistic, Ibiza has come of age. It now promises a sophisticated experience, favoring wellness retreats and antioxidant-rich gourmet offerings over just perpetual revelry. Bathed in the mystical aura of its neighboring islet and purported energy vortex, Es Verdà, Ibiza now shines as a sought-after destination for transformative, healing getaways, as well. Here’s how to experience the best of Ibiza this summer.

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Where to Stay

pool and hotel in ibiza
Six Senses Ibiza. Six Senses Ibiza

Six Senses Ibiza

At Six Senses, you’ll find a harmonious blend of bohemian charm and luxury nestled in an Ibiza hillside. Expect your minibar to be stocked with wellness drinks, and your senses to be revitalized by Chef Eyal Shani’s plant-based culinary creations. At night, the Beach Caves hum with the rhythm of the sea, inviting you into the island’s mystical heart. Don’t pass up a tailored treatment inside the outdoor massage catacombs, which use ingredients plucked from the organic garden nearby.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Housed in an old ‘70s hotel and revamped to Nobu’s signature wabi-sabi aesthetic in 2017, this Talamanca bolthole intimately entwines itself with its environs. Its expert staff orchestrates personalized experiences, while the breezy rooms, swathed in boho blues and neutrals, frame unforgettable sunrises over Illa Grossa.

view of white building and lounge chairs in ibiza
Cas Gasi. Cas Gasi

Cas Gasi

This rural retreat, masterfully curated by owners Margaret Von Korff and Luis Trigueros, is an ode to Ibiza’s timeless elegance. The rooms are an eclectic blend of vintage charm and modern elegance, where curated art pieces hold court.

pool with lounge chairs at The Standard Ibiza
The Standard Ibiza. The Standard Ibiza

The Standard Ibiza

Set in the heart of lively Ibiza Town, The Standard seamlessly combines modern “hip” with classic “hippie” amid cobbled streets and the buzz of the local scene. Frequented by the stylish jet-set crowd, this sleek whitewashed hotel offers varying levels of comfort, from cozy rooms to sprawling suites and a grand 14-bedroom private residence equipped with a spa, gym and pool.

bedroom with four poster bed in ibiza
Sir Joan Hotel. Amit Geron

Sir Joan Hotel

Marrying Balearic charm and maritime aesthetics, Sir Joan, part of Design Hotels, fuses intimacy and opulence. Sunlit waves seemingly crash onto shimmering steel walls and walnut floors. At the same time, yacht-style flooring in the rooms dances with sunlight, offering a serene counterpoint to the hotel’s bustling marina location.

What to Do

vineyard in ibiza
Bodegas Can Rich. Bodegas Can Rich

Unearthing Ibiza’s Viticultural Legacy

Embark on an oenophile’s journey across Ibiza’s flourishing vineyards. Begin at Bodegas Can Rich, the poster child of sustainable viticulture, before diving deeper into the island’s unique terroir at Bodega Sa Cova and Ibizkus Wines. Don’t miss Bodega Can Maymó, a vignette of the island’s legacy, and Bodega Ojo de Ibiza, where the island’s essence is bottled to perfection.

beach and sand at formentera in ibiza
Formentera. Ferran Feixas/Unsplash

Sailing to Formentera

Charter a boat for a day trip to the neighboring island of Formentera. Get the A-list treatment at Juan y Andrea beach bar, a boho haven accessible only by water, where Caribbean vibes meet Mediterranean cuisine. Round off your gastronomic adventure at Bar Salvatge Formentera, an intimate spot offering a curated selection of natural wines and healthy food options, perfectly complementing the stunning beach views.

exterior of white building the Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa in ibiza
Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa. Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa

Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa (MACE)

A trove of contemporary art nestled within an 18th-century armory, MACE provides a visual feast of local and international talents. Beyond the art, the museum tells the story of Ibiza’s rich history, from the Phoenicians to the Islamic era.

Es Portixol Beach

Escape the Ibiza beach crowds at Es Portixol, a secluded cove embraced by dramatic cliffs. Inhabited mainly by local fishermen, this tranquil spot is a 20-minute hike from Illa Blanca, offering a quiet interlude from the island’s vibrancy.

Where to Eat


Greek cuisine finds a passionate ambassador at Jul’s, located on the main road that leads to Sa Caleta beach. Amid twinkling lanterns and verdant greenery, Chef Christos Fotos presents an array of tantalizing mezze-style dishes, succulent grilled seafood, and irresistible meat delicacies.


A swanky mainstay in Ibiza’s culinary landscape, Roto dazzles with panoramic marina vistas and a tantalizing blend of traditional Latin cuisine. Under Miguel Sancho’s expert guidance, you’ll embark on a gastronomic journey complemented by innovative cocktails.

outside garden in ibiza
Aubergine by Atzaro.  Aubergine

Aubergine by Atzaró

Tucked between Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel, Aubergine by Atzaró champions farm-to-table dining in an idyllic setting. The wholesome Mediterranean fare, ranging from hearty veggie burgers to spaghetti tossed with the restaurant’s namesake fruit (yes, eggplant is a fruit!), is as nourishing as it is flavorsome.

interior of Laylah restaurant
Laylah. Laylah


Laylah’s Levantine-inspired sharing plates—from roasted cauliflower with a green chili kick to zesty fish skewers with ginger-lime salsa—are perfectly paired with their innovative cocktails. Stay for the nightly guest DJ, whose beats punctuate the gastronomic journey.

Where to Drink

beach in ibiza
Chiringuito Cala Escondida. Chiringuito Cala Escondida

Chiringuito Cala Escondida

Drink in the radiant sunset at this eco-friendly beachside hideaway. Powered by renewable energy, this cove on Racó den Xic’s western edge serves memorable food and cava sangria with a side of stunning views.

interior of crowded bar in ibiza
Paradise Lost. Courtesy David Arnoldi

Paradise Lost

Hidden in the gypsy quarter, Paradise Lost is a treasure that transitions from a casual haunt during the day to an electrifying party hub by night. Here, you can sip piña coladas till the wee hours, soundtracked by energetic tunes.

Bar 1805

A love letter to absinthe’s legacy, this unique bar in Ibiza Town offers a bohemian atmosphere accentuated by French-style food. Whether you choose traditional drinks or their signature absinthe mixes, each sip is a tribute to artists and creatives who drew inspiration from the green spirit.


Offering a quaint refuge in the historic Dalt Vila, S’escalinata provides a calm oasis amidst Ibiza’s energetic pace. It serves a variety of treats throughout the day, from aromatic coffee in the morning to fruit-infused cocktails and modern tapas in the evening.

buzzy bar with people lounging around in ibiza
Chidas Bar and Cantina. Chidas Bar and Cantina

Chidas Bar and Cantina

For the connoisseurs of tequila and mezcal, Chidas is the promised land. Their cocktails, from twisted margaritas to traditional micheladas, will tempt you to linger, while their house lemonade and pineapple-rind fermented tepache offer a refreshing alternative.

Wellness Retreats

Sound Healing with Jeremy Quidu

Jeremie Quidu, an Ibiza native with profound crystal wisdom, brings an innovative approach to sound healing in Ibiza. Ditching the traditional Tibetan singing bowls, Quidu employs gongs and crystal bowls for a deeply relaxing experience. His sound healing practice, based on over two decades of exploration with crystals and minerals, promotes self-healing and inner discovery. Quidu offers a range of services from individual sessions and group meditations to healing retreats and ceremonies.

spa treatment room
Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel. Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel

Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel

Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel stands out among wellness retreats on the island. The indulgent touch of skilled practitioners, the use of natural healing remedies, and the timeless luxury set the tone for this center. With treatments and rituals steeped in bespoke care and discretion, the Open Spa truly embodies the philosophy of this grand luxury hotel.

Active Ibiza

With established connections to the best sporting and recreational providers on the island, Active Ibiza offers customized experiences from adrenaline-fueled cliff diving to serene beach horseback rides at sunset. Active Ibiza presents an array of thrilling and calming activities to fit every guest’s desire, ensuring an unforgettable Ibiza adventure.

avocado toast with tomato and egg on a plate with smoothie and orange juice
Deep Yoga Ibiza. Deep Yoga Ibiza

Deep Yoga Ibiza

Deep Yoga Ibiza offers bespoke private or semi-private yoga retreats in the tranquil north end of the island. The retreat includes daily yoga and meditation sessions, rejuvenating Reiki treatments, full-body massages and star-gazing on clear nights. Added comforts like on-site prepared meals, a hammock and beach relaxation opportunities make Deep Yoga Ibiza the ultimate wellness retreat, emphasizing balance, tranquility and personal preference.

An Insider’s Summertime Guide to Ibiza