Discover Europe’s Best Beach Clubs, from Hidden Gems to Heavy Hitters

A beach club is where wanderlust and indulgence find their perfect harmony. 

beach club in st tropez
Le Club 55. Valentin B. Kremer

The beach club experience, in all its sun-kissed glory, often feels like a joyous celebration for the senses. Imagine the gentle crescendo of waves caressing the shoreline, the soft whisper of sea breezes rustling through palm leaves and the steady rhythm of music flowing through the air. A beach club is where wanderlust and indulgence find their perfect harmony. 

Europe, with its diverse and extensive coastlines, beckons travelers to explore the myriad of beach clubs that are dotted along its azure waters. From intimate hideaways to opulent retreats, some of these hot spots grace the premises of luxury hotels, offering exclusivity and world-class amenities. Others stand proudly as standalone day clubs, enticing with lingering lunches and unadulterated charm. Our hand-picked list of Europe’s best beach clubs traverses both the familiar and the uncharted, from the Cycladic wonder of Mykonos to the Scandi splendor of Stockholm’s surreal archipelago—with a detour to the Caribbean for a stop in St. Barth (a French overseas collectivity). So, ready your beachwear, apply some sunscreen, order an Aperol spritz and start fantasizing about your next summer getaway.

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A blue pool with sun chairs


Bodrum, Turkey

Nestled in the verdant embrace of Türkbükü’s lush hills, Maçakızı may have the greatest influence on Bodrum’s glitzy reputation. The hotel and beach club’s accoutrements, like white furnishings and warm wooden decks, exude barefoot luxury while harmonizing with the vibrant, natural surroundings. This year, Macakizi revealed the jewel in its crown: the exquisite 10-bedroom Villa Macakizi, which introduces an elevated dimension of hospitality with personalized butler service, a rejuvenating spa and daily food menu tailored by the distinguished chef, Carlo Bernardini.


Mykonos, Greece 

A testament to the wild Mykonian spirit, Alemagou on Ftelia Beach is a bohemian masterpiece. The eclectic decor—imagine lampshades crafted from dried pumpkin shells and cacti bursting from antiquated whitewashed urns—battles the patrons for the title of most eye-catching. Lobster spaghetti lunches languidly evolve into potent libation-filled evenings as the sun surrenders to the horizon.

A pool with greenery
Ellery Beach House.

Ellery Beach House

Stockholm, Stockholm

Contradicting expectations, Stockholm, with its distinctive Nordic minimalism, harbors one of Europe’s chicest beach clubs. Ellery, an architectural beauty on Långholmen island, beats to the sound of its own drum. The waterfront panorama is breathtaking, the open-air restaurant tantalizes with delectable Scandinavian cuisine, and the vibe is authentically Nordic, offering a refreshing divergence from the Mediterranean standard.

Club 55

Saint-Tropez, France 

Club 55 in Saint-Tropez, founded in 1955, has been a pivotal player in forming the very essence of French Riviera elegance. The beach club has consistently offered an unparalleled blend of casual chic, Provençal culinary excellence and postcard-worthy vistas of the glittering Côte d’Azur. A famed rendezvous for the jet set, including screen siren Brigitte Bardot, Club 55 remains a sun-kissed paradise.

A sunset on the beach


Mykonos, Greece 

Echoing the cadence of the Aegean Sea, Scorpios in Mykonos enchants with its effortlessly stylish bohemian aesthetic and streamlined Cycladic architecture. Whether indulging in tantalizing Mediterranean fare, participating in the magical sunset ritual or lounging on sumptuous sunbeds, Scorpios transports you to the peak of luxury while maintaining an authentic and grounded ambiance.

A interior with beach view and dining table
Sublime Comporta. Sven Cichowicz

Sublime Comporta Beach Club

Comporta, Portugal

Hidden on a rustic sandy stretch south of Lisbon, Sublime Comporta Beach Club offers an unassuming haven for the trend-conscious. The fusion of golden sands and the azure Atlantic form a serene backdrop for a leisurely afternoon, made all the more pleasurable with their delectable seafood platter and a chilled glass of vinho verde.

A beach in a cove

Gyp-Sea Saint-Barth

Saint Barth, France

This one is technically not physically situated within Europe, but St. Barth is a part of France, so we’re going to count it here. A treasure trove of delightful surprises, Gyp-Sea in the French Caribbean island blends Riviera sophistication with tropical panache. Against the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, indulge in an array of seafood delights, paired with an eclectic wine list that is the very embodiment of opulence. 

A beach chair with ocean view and umbrellas
La Fontelina.

La Fontelina Beach Club

Capri, Italy

At the foot of Capri’s iconic Faraglioni rock formations, La Fontelina delivers an authentic Italian beach club experience. Its azure waters and sun-drenched terraces carve out a serene haven. The club’s restaurant serves an enticing array of pasta and seafood dishes, ensuring a memorable lunch and dinner experience sprinkled with plenty of dolce vita.

A resort with rocks and beach chairs overlooking clear water
Dukley Beach & Bar.

Dukley Beach & Bar

Budva, Montenegro

Along Montenegro’s scenic Budva Riviera lies Dukley Beach & Bar, where crystal clear waters, pristine sandy beaches and ample greenery create a serene escape from the everyday. Savor the club’s delightful fusion of Mediterranean and international cuisine, complemented by breathtaking views of the Adriatic.

Beach umbrellas over a peaceful pool
Folie Marine.

Folie Marine

Jale, Albania

Often overlooked, Albania is steadily rising up the ranks of popular beach destinations thanks to its affordability when compared to its neighbors Italy, Greece and even Croatia. Folie Marine in Jale is a beloved haven among the discerning crowd, fusing Albanian hospitality with Mediterranean flair. The clear Ionian Sea, coupled with the club’s private beach and lush surroundings, creates a tranquil setting for relaxation.

A sunset beach view
Astir Beach Club.

Astir Beach Club

Athens, Greece

In the high-end suburb of Vouliagmeni, mere moments from Athens’ bustling heart, Astir Beach Club is a sanctuary of luxury. The Saronic Gulf’s azure waters create a captivating backdrop for lounging, while the club’s gourmet dining spotlights Greece’s rich gastronomic tradition. 

A sandy relaxing lounge
Hippie Fish.

Hippie Fish

The Netherlands

Serenely situated on a sandy stretch of the Zandvoort coast, Hippie Fish is a reminder of the Netherlands’ potential as a summertime beach destination—despite the occasionally finicky weather. The sleek decor embodies Dutch design and attitude, creating a cozy and laid-back ambiance, while the menu impresses with seasonal dishes ranging from tofu burgers to langoustine bisque, presented by barefoot servers.

A resort right on the clear water
Bonj Les Bains.

Bonj Les Bains

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar island’s Bonj Les Bains, surrounded by centuries-old stone colonnades, is an elegant haven that masterfully merges Adriatic natural beauty with French Riviera glamour. Lounge on a private sunbed, indulge in a massage at the beachfront spa or savor exquisite Mediterranean cuisine—Bonj ‘Les Bains’ is a luxururious haven.

A sandy beach with chairs and umbrella
Phi Beach.

Phi Beach

Sardinia, Italy

Phi Beach, located near Forte Cappellini, embodies the essence of Sardinian charm with its rustic-chic design. The club’s seafood-forward dishes, crafted with local ingredients, pair splendidly with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and nearby islands. Guests can lounge on sunbeds and dine at the Beach Restaurant of The Clicquot Island, an exclusive concept lounge recognized as one of the five most exclusive Clicquot terraces in the world.

A green dining room
Coco Beach House.

Coco Beach House

Mallorca, Spain

Located on the picturesque Playa de Palma in Mallorca, Coco Beach House perfectly encapsulates the Mediterranean spirit. This beachfront haven combines laid-back luxury with dynamic energy. The club’s design, with whitewashed walls and rustic wooden accents, goes big on coastal charm. As the sun sets, the lively energy continues into the night, with music and dancing accompanied by chef Juan Lopez’s culinary offerings.

Discover Europe’s Best Beach Clubs, from Hidden Gems to Heavy Hitters