What to Watch on Streaming This Week: July 7-13

Including Steven Soderbergh's 'Full Circle', Season 2 of 'The Afterparty', and more.

Claire Danes and Zazie Beetz in Steven Soderbergh’s Full Circle. Photograph Courtesy of Max

From Oscar-nominated animation and an Irish-language film to a murdery mystery comedy and a kidnapping plot, the streamers of the world are keeping audiences on their toes this week. Quiet dramas meet intense thrillers and the odd action comedy or two, making for a week filled with variety and (more importantly) quality.

What to watch on Netflix

The Out-Laws 

Adam DeVine, Pierce Brosnan, Ellen Barkin and Nina Dobrev star in this new action comedy about a man who thinks his soon-to-be in-laws are leading a double life. Bank manager Owen is excited to finally meet his fiance’s parents, but his first impression gets soured after a pair of bandits rob his place of work with the help of some of his personal information. Meeting your in-laws for the first time is already rough, but having compelling circumstantial evidence that they could be infamous criminals? A nightmare. The Out-Laws premieres Friday, July 7th.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish 

A critical and commercial hit, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is the rare animated film that has just as much for adults as it does for kids. Puss (Antonio Banderas) is down to his ninth life, and the fierce feline begins to fret. When he hears of the fabled Wishing Star, he decides that it may be the key to safeguarding his future. It’s an adventure fraught with danger and unexpected enemies, from Goldilocks (Florence Pugh) to a pastry salesman (John Mulaney). It’s beautifully animated while deftly handling several hefty themes—and, of course, it’s plenty of fun. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish streams Thursday, July 13th.

What to watch on Hulu

The Quiet Girl 

This Irish-language film became the first of its kind nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature. A small but singular movie, The Quiet Girl revolves around a young girl whose growing family sends her to live with a distant cousin in 1981 Ireland. She’s quiet, almost painfully shy, used to hiding in a home overrun with children and overworked parents. So when she’s brought out of her home, she’s also brought out of her shell. The film is true to its name in that it avoids big swings and melodrama, making for a beautiful meditation on childhood. The Quiet Girl premieres on streaming Friday, July 7th.

What to watch on Amazon Prime

The Horror of Dolores Roach

The Horror of Dolores Roach serves as another exciting example of horror studio Blumhouse’s affinity for mixing fear with fun. Justina Machado stars as Dolores, a woman who’s just gotten out of prison after over 15 years. She returns home to Washington Heights, only to find the neighborhood gentrified and jobless (for her, at least). But when her old stoner pal offers to let her use his basement to open an underground massage parlor, things are looking up—that is, until an overeager inspector sees what her hands can really do. The Horror of Dolores Roach premieres Friday, July 7th.

What to watch on Max

Full Circle 

Steven Soderbergh directs this thrilling new miniseries about a kidnapping case, one that hinges on money, secrets and a bevy of family conspiracies. Claire Danes and Timothy Olyphant star as parents whose teen son gets taken in New York, implicating them in a plot that stretches halfway around the world to Guyana. Zazie Beetz plays the detective who plans to get to the bottom of this mystery, though those she’s meant to help are hesitant to let her into their circle. Dennis Quaid, Jharrel Jerome, CCH Pounder, and Jim Gaffigan also star. Full Circle premieres Thursday, July 13th.

What to watch on Apple TV+

The Afterparty

The Afterparty returns for its second season, touting a new murder mystery and a killer new cast. Instead of a doomed high school reunion, this season sees tragedy strike at a wedding, where each party goer has a motive for murder. Zoe Chao, Sam Richardson and Tiffany Haddish reprise their roles as a pair of friends and a detective, respectively, while the new cast is made up of Ken Jeong, John Cho, Elizabeth Perkins, Zach Woods, Anna Konkle, Paul Walter Hauser and Poppy Liu—and each of them has their own story to tell. Season 2 of The Afterparty premieres Thursday, July 13th.

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What to Watch on Streaming This Week: July 7-13