The Best Natural Wine Bars in New York City 

The buzziest natural wine bars in New York City, from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side. 

Le Dive. Teddy Wolff

Natural wines are one of the buzziest beverage options at the moment. After all, the offerings are more playful than a basic California chardonnay, and the restaurants and bars that serve them tend to be equal parts hip and laid-back, making for the perfect evening out if you don’t want to venture to a cocktail lounge or nightclub. 

While natural wine might seem like a new trend, it’s been around for quite a while under different names, like naked or raw wine. Natural wine is made from unadulterated fermented grape juice, and is made of organic grapes, without the majority of the usual additives (such as extra yeast, sulfites, sugar and acid) involved in the winemaking process, which some think leads to less of a hangover because the options tend to have a lower alcohol by volume level and fewer sulfites. (Although unfortunately, the jury’s still out on that.) 

Whether you’re hoping to avoid a rough morning after imbibing or simply love natural wine and want to start experimenting with different funky flavors, this list is perfect for beginners looking to get started. Read on to discover some of the best natural wine bars in New York City, from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side. 

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shelves of bottles of wine
Rhodora. Liz Clayman


197 Adelphi St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Rhodora is tucked away on a residential street in Brooklyn, and is perfect for a fun night out, whether you’re on a first date or meeting up with friends. The Fort Greene neighborhood bar provides both indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of delicious small plates to pair with your glass or bottle (patrons can also take their favorite bottle home). The eco-friendly spot, which aims to become zero-waste, serves out-there wines you can’t find anywhere else, and the servers are extremely knowledgeable. Simply head to the counter to order and feel free to explain exactly what you want. Plus, the bar is super sustainable, and an on-site composter makes leftovers into mulch for the gorgeous gardens on the sidewalk. 

Layla. Layla


352 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Venture to Williamsburg to this newly-opened natural wine bar tucked away on Bedford, with exposed brick interiors and a lush garden out back. The natural wine list is small but mighty, with options for white, red, and, of course, orange drinkers. Layla also serves inventive drinks (like a particularly filthy martini) and zero-proof cocktails, like yuzu tonic and a guilt-free marg. 

The new neighborhood hot spot was founded by industry veterans David Lacey, Samuel Lynch and Stefano D’Orsogna, the team behind Sonnyboy and Banter. D’Orsogna, co-founder of Layla, explained that the selection of rotating natural wines, including some with cult followings, predominantly come from Italy, France and Spain and “feel lively, lighter and always have strong but well-balanced acidity.”

“We want our wines to excite the knowledgeable wine drinker, while also not being too pretentious for those just dipping their toes in the world of wine,” D’Orsogna explained. The wine list also includes an off-menu magnum list for folks who are ready to truly indulge. 

interior of cozy wood bar
Bar Vinazo.

Bar Vinazo 

158 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

This brand-new Park Slope wine bar on bustling Seventh Avenue has an exclusive natural Spanish wine list. Restaurateur Joe Campanale, who lived in Spain when he was in college, oversees the beverage program, which includes more than 150 natural, organic and biodynamic wines. The restaurant even boasts an entire page dedicated to “Macerado” skin-contact wines, which you can’t find anywhere else in Brooklyn. The funky wines are paired with food from Barcelona-born, Brooklyn-bred chef Silvia Garcia-Nevado, and the menu includes Spanish cheeses and tapas. 

interior olive booths with lit wall
Bar Blondeau. Liz Clayman

Bar Blondeau 

80 Wythe Ave 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11249

While this isn’t exclusively a natural wine bar (there are plenty of cocktails on offer as well), the chic hotspot boasts the best view to enjoy your favorite wine with a twist. This elegant rooftop bar, located on top of the Wythe Hotel, is fully enclosed, with some of the most major sunset scenes in all of Williamsburg. The wine list includes options from producers from Patagonia, Argentina, and more, as well as familiar favorites. 

“Natural wine might feel like a buzzword, but it’s essentially an old-world way of producing with low impact on the farm. The wines that we care about most are produced by people who care about their wines,” general manager Yamil Mendelez told Observer. According to Mendelez, Bar Blondeau works “to highlight organic producers who take great pride in tending their land and grapes,” 

table setting at wine bar


125 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

This intimate East Village favorite has been open since 2016, and serves up natural wine alongside vegetarian Southern French fare that’s perfect for a romantic and stylish date night.. The wine list at this teeny-tiny restaurant-bar is extensive, with more than 250 options by the bottle, and a whopping 35 orange wines. 

patterned bar with wine rack


201 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

The neon interior of this buzzy West Village wine bar is just as psychedelic as the offerings. Expect disco balls aplenty, custom lighting including colorful chandeliers and hand-painted murals. Moonflower prioritizes low intervention wines from small producers across the globe, so you’re likely to find unique options here you won’t anywhere else. Best of all? The list is constantly updated, so it’s worth coming back for a second pour. 

The Four Horsemen.

The Four Horsemen

295 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

When the Four Horsemen first opened in Williamsburg in 2015, there wasn’t much like it—natural vino, stellar small plates and an extremely long wait for a seat in the tiny wine bar. It’s been a few years, but it’s still just as busy (pro tip: go early to get a table or find a group of five pals to make a reservation). The wine list is constantly changing, but does usually feature some elusive vinos. 

The bar boasts an extremely cool pedigree, as it was founded by LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy and his wife Christina Topsøe, as well as natural wine expert Katrina Birchmeier and the musician’s pal and former Uva employee Justin Chearno.

red seating and long wine bar
Le Dive. Teddy Wolff

Le Dive 

37 Canal St, New York, NY 10002

This trendy downtown bar in buzzy Dimes Square features a wine list composed of classics mixed with super funky vinos that are perfect for those who are just starting to dip their toes into natural wine. While it’s famous for its cocktails (the martinis are a must-order), the nightlife favorite also offers an extensive natural wine list as well as French fare, including charcuterie boards and on-trend tinned fish. Le Dive’s head bartender, Taylor Gonzales described the wine list as having “a little something for everyone under the umbrella of winemaking, that is responsible to the environment and consumer, while most of all being delicious.” 

interior of wooden tables and shelves of wine


297 Broome St, New York, NY 10002

This petite wine bar, with only a few tables, is an absolute must visit on the Lower East Side. Gem’s wine program focuses on small winemakers from around the world, including France, Germany and Austria. The impressive wine wall features bottles that are ready to serve, with others kept in the cellar until they’re ready to drink. The by the glass options are great for beginners, as there’s just one of each color. 

The Best Natural Wine Bars in New York City