Add Some Sparkle to Your Wardrobe With a Timeless Tennis Bracelet

Try these fresh takes on the classic tennis bracelet.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Wardrobe With a Timeless Tennis Bracelet
Tennis player Chris Evert sported what would become known as a tennis bracelet during her 1978 U.S. Open match. Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Tennis fashion is always popular, but it’s been having even more of a moment as of late, and especially so with the U.S. Open. You already know the best tennis sweaters, exercise dresses and pleated workout skirts to achieve the #tenniscore look, but don’t forget about what is perhaps the most iconic tennis accessory of all—we’re referring, of course, to the tennis bracelet.

To be fair, the tennis bracelet isn’t *technically* sporting attire; it’s really just a thin bracelet that’s traditionally composed of small diamonds or other gemstones. The bauble has always been a popular and fashionable choice, but it wasn’t known as a tennis bracelet until 1978, when it became forever intertwined with the sport—or at least, with tennis fashion—after Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet fell off her wrist during her U.S. Open match. Evert requested a break in play so that she could locate her bracelet, and when she was asked about what happened in her post-match interview, Evert said, “Oh, that was my tennis bracelet,” and that’s how the bauble received its name.

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The traditional tennis bracelet, made of just diamonds on a thin band, is still a popular choice, but there are also many new modern interpretations of the classic. “Originally known as a ‘diamond line bracelet,’ and then later coined the ‘tennis bracelet,’ the style is a classic that has evolved but remained popular through the decades,” jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb told the Observer. “We’ve seen the introduction of more minimal metal settings showcasing the improvements in jewelry craftsmanship over the years, as well as the incorporation of new setting styles including bezel, bar set, 3-prong, 4-prong and design elements such as the use of color and different diamond shapes.”

Serena Williams is a big fan of the tennis bracelet aesthetic. AFP via Getty Images

So, how can you identify a tennis bracelet? “The ‘line bracelet’ actually very clearly outlined the defining feature of the tennis bracelet; it is a line of diamonds, where the diamonds are really the star of the show,” Gottlieb explained. “No matter what the setting style, the most noticeable feature of the bracelet is the layout of the stones!”

While jewelry trends come and go, the tennis bracelet has remained a staple; it’s delicate and minimalist, but can be adapted to your personal style. The bauble is also versatile; it’s a chic piece of everyday jewelry that you can wear to a formal fête. Below, see the sparkly tennis bracelets to buy now and wear forever.

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The Best Tennis Bracelets to Shop Now

The best tennis bracelet styles for every fashionista.

  • Fewer Finer.

    Fewer Finer The Tennis Bracelet

    If you want the look of a classic tennis bracelet but with a decidedly modern twist, consider this delicate diamond bauble, which has three different bezel settings for various gem cuts, all on a yellow gold band.

    $6,650, Shop Now
  • Monica Rich Kosann.

    Monica Rich Kosann x Chris Evert Classic Sapphire Tennis Bracelet with Staggered Center Stone

    You can’t get more authentic than this tennis bracelet, which is part of a collab between Chris Evert herself and jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann. This particular bracelet features a classic row of white sapphires with staggered center stones, as well as a green tsavorite stone in honor of the specific color of the tennis court, and a pear-shaped white sapphire drop to symbolize a bead of sweat.

    $2,695, Shop Now
  • diamond bracelet with flowers
    The Last Line.

    The Last Line Rainbow Flower Tennis Bracelet

    Don’t shy away from colorful stones, like with this rainbow tennis bracelet with its array of diamonds and colorful sapphires, offset by whimsical flower details.

    $3,535, Shop Now
  • Vrai.

    Vrai Tennis Bracelet

    For a chic lab grown diamond tennis bracelet option, you can’t go wrong with a classic row of diamonds in a yellow gold band and three-prong setting; it’s a traditional yet decidedly unstuffy investment piece.

    $3,500, Shop Now
  • Stephanie Gottlieb.

    Stephanie Gottlieb Multi Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    If you’re ready for a serious commitment and can spend major money on your next piece of jewelry, consider this gorgeous, multi-shape diamond tennis bracelet, with a 9.4 total carat weight.

    $28,590, Shop Now
  • Amyo.

    Amyo Gemstone Bar Bracelet Mother Of The Pearl 14K Gold

    Don’t be afraid to try out different shapes and stones, like this pretty gold bracelet with rectangular mother of pearl accents.

    $295, Shop Now
  • Jenna Blake.

    Jenna Blake Emerald Pickle Ball Bracelet

    Okay, so this is technically named a pickle ball bracelet, but don’t fret, because it’s got all the classic tennis bracelet features, and we love the bold emerald stones.

    $15,200, Shop Now
  • silver tennis bracelet
    Astrid and Miyu.

    Astrid and Miyu Tennis Chain Bracelet in Silver

    If you’re not certain how much you love the look but still want to test out the bauble at a lower price point, try this classic tennis bracelet that’s made of recycled sterling silver and cubic zirconia.

    $105, Shop Now
  • Jennifer Meyer.

    Jennifer Meyer 4-Prong Lapis Tennis Bracelet

    Jennifer Meyer’s delicate tennis bracelet swaps out the usual diamonds for a bold blue lapis, in a four-prong setting.

    $4,250, Shop Now
  • Eva Fehren.

    Eva Fehren 2mm Line Bracelet

    Add a darker, edgier touch to the preppy tennis bracelet design with this grey-toned bauble.

    $7,395, Shop Now
  • Tiffany & Co.

    Tiffany & Co. Victoria Tennis Bracelet

    Tiffany’s gorgeous sparkling tennis bracelet is a forever classic, with a combination of marquise and round brilliant diamonds, in the traditional diamond line bracelet style set in a lovely rose gold. It’s a special occasion piece you’ll wear year after year.

    $20,000, Shop Now
  • Suzanne Kalan 18K White Gold Diamond
    Suzanne Kalan.

    Suzanne Kalan 18K White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    This eye-catching 18-karat white gold tennis bracelet features 2.3 carats of princess-cut diamonds. It’s definitely a higher price point, but fine jewelry is forever.

    $12,000, Shop Now
  • Jemma Wynne Modern Deco Bracelet with Elongated Diamond Baguettes
    Jemma Wynne.

    Jemma Wynne Modern Deco Bracelet with Elongated Diamond Baguettes

    For another splurge-worthy piece of diamond jewelry, perhaps this Art Deco-inspired bracelet will do the trick. It’s a truly unique and high-quality option made of 18-karat yellow gold, with five elongated diamond baguettes.

    $15,960, Shop Now
Add Some Sparkle to Your Wardrobe With a Timeless Tennis Bracelet