What’s Leaving Streaming This Month: October 2023

Including 'Belfast', 'The Craft,' and the end of Max's collab with AMC+.

(L to R) Caitriona Balfe, Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench, Jude Hill, and Lewis McAskie in director Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast. © 2021 Focus Features, LLC.

Stop-motion animation and anime, witchcraft, and vampires are just some of the delights you should indulge in this month before they depart from streaming. Whether you’re up for something to put you in the Halloween mood or you’re looking for something family friendly, this list has got you covered.

What’s leaving Netflix

Missing Link 

A delightful stop-motion film from one of the creatives behind movies like ParaNorman and Kubo and the Two Strings, Missing Link follows the unlikely partnership between a daring explorer (Hugh Jackman) and the Sasquatch who seeks his help (Zach Galifianakis). The former has long been criticized by polite society for his belief in mythical creatures, the latter needs help locating his yeti relatives, and both are in desperate need of a real friend. Sweet, silly, and savvy about the history of exploration in the Western world, it’s a movie perfect for all ages. Missing Link streams until Sunday, October 10th.

Cowboy Bebop 

One of the most impressive anime series of all time, Cowboy Bebop won’t be available to stream for much longer. The beloved show takes place in the year 2071, revolving around the exploits of a team of bounty hunters as they take down galactic criminals and wrestle with their own complicated pasts. There’s former hitman Spike Spiegel, former cop Jet Black, con artist Faye Valentine, talented hacker Ed, and even a genetically engineered super-corgi. With only one season of 26 episodes, the series is perfectly bingeable for anime fans and newbies alike. Cowboy Bebop will stream until Sunday, October 22nd.

What’s leaving Hulu

Only Lovers Left Alive 

An admittedly unorthodox take on the vampire mythos, Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive casts the undead in a disillusioned light. Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton star as a pair of centuries-long lovers, but they’ve become distant over the years. Hiddleston plays Adam, a vampire who’s been responsible for plenty of advancements in science and music but struggles to find something worth living for; Swinton plays the aptly-named Eve, the more literary-minded of the pair who worries after Adam. It’s a jaded love story, but one of the coolest in recent memory. Only Lovers Left Alive streams until the end of the month.

The Craft 

Like Heathers mixed with a dark dash of Hocus Pocus, The Craft is an enduring Halloween classic. Some of the usual suspects of ‘90s cult favorites are there (hello, Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk and Skeet Ulrich) in this tale about a trio of teenage witches who invite the new girl in school (Robin Tunney) into their group. All four have mysterious magical powers that only get stronger when they’re united, but it’s the kind of power that’s certain to corrupt. Crushes, bullies, and teenage insecurities are just the fodder for deeper, diabolical problems. The Craft streams until the end of the month.

What’s leaving Max

A Discovery of Witches 

Max’s collaboration with AMC+ comes to an end later this month, which means you only have a limited time to watch some of the platform’s most interesting shows. That includes all three seasons of A Discovery of Witches, adapted from the book of the same name (and its sequels). Teresa Palmer stars as Diana Bishop, a clever historian and passive witch who’s taken up studying at Oxford, only to happen upon a bewitched manuscript sought after by a bevy of magical creatures—including a dashing vampire (Matthew Goode). A Discovery of Witches will be available to stream until the end of the month. 


Kenneth Branagh’s heartfelt, semi-autobiographical tale Belfast is one of his best. The filmmaker writes and directs this story about a Protestant family on a largely Catholic street in the midst of The Troubles. A young boy named Buddy doesn’t quite grasp the extent of the violence around him, even as riots and neighborhood blockades impede his childhood. Jamie Dornan and Caitríona Balfe star as Buddy’s hard-pressed parents, desperate for peace, quiet, and a more stable paycheck, while Ciarán Hinds and Judi Dench are heartwarming as his grandparents. Belfast streams until the end of the month.

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What’s Leaving Streaming This Month: October 2023