The Most Delightful Rose Perfumes for Every Fragrance Lover

It's the perfect time of year to spritz on one of these dreamy rose perfumes.

The Most Delightful Rose Perfumes for Every Fragrance Lover
collage of three rose perfumes
Rose perfume never goes out of style.

There’s no denying that rose is an iconic fragrance, but at some point, the floral scent gained a reputation as a touch old-fashioned, and even outdated. Luckily, that notion has faded over the past few years, as plenty of elegant, fresh and feminine rose-focused perfumes continue to prove that the scent is both timeless and modern. After all, there’s a reason that rose fragrances are best-sellers for so many perfumeries—these are classics for a reason!

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Rose perfumes aren’t uniform; there are countless varietals for every type of fragrance-lover, whether you’re into a classic rose, flirty floral, spicy scent or fresh aroma. It all depends on the blend of components within the olfactory, from the base notes to the top notes, that contribute to creating the best perfume for your personal preferences.

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While a rose scent is a reliable fragrance any time of the year, there’s something about a certain day in February that really inspires us to spritz on a rose-y bouquet. And, of course, don’t forget that a rose perfume is an absolutely fantastic gift for that special someone right now, because what’s more romantic than a delicate new signature scent to add to their perfume collection? Below, see all the most enchanting rose fragrances to shop right now.

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The Best Rose Perfumes to Buy Now

The most delightful rose fragrances you’ll wear all year long.

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la Rose Eau de Parfum

    This delicate, feminine fragrance is composed of fresh Grasse roses from France and Bulgarian Damascena roses, along with citrusy, fruity bergamot and orange, as well as violet, magnolia blossom, cedar wood and musk, which adds a more complex edge.

    $275, Shop Now
  • Tom Ford.

    Tom Ford Rose Prick

    Tom Ford’s cheeky Rose Prick perfume is a decidedly modern take on the classic scent; it’s inspired by the designer’s own rose garden, and features a bouquet of three different types of roses: Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai and Turkish Rose, with hints of pepper and spice.

    $395, Shop Now
  • Guerlain.

    Guerlain Rose Chérie Eau de Parfum

    Rose Chérie is the perfect perfume for the ultimate rose-lover; it’s youthful, feminine and floral. The focus is entirely on the delicate flower, while notes of almond, raspberry and violet serve to elevate and accentuate the sweet scent.

    $380, Shop Now
  • Le Labo.

    Le Labo Rose 31 Eau de Parfum

    Next time you’re perusing Le Labo’s fragrances, please, skip the Santal 33 and move right on over to Rose 31. It’s a lush combination of Grasse rose petals anchored by headier notes of cumin, cedar, amber and a touch of vetiver.

    $230, Shop Now
  • Phlur.

    Phlur Ameline Eau de Parfum

    For a less overpowering and more modern take on the rose perfume, try Phlur’s Amelie. The addition of bergamot and sandalwood, with a hint of patchouli, adds a warm, citrusy edge to the bouquet.

    $96, Shop Now
  • Valmont.

    Valmont Rosso I

    If you’re not interested in a straightforward rose perfume, consider Valmont’s luxe Rosso, which offers a hint of damask rose and pink berries with muskier notes of oud wood.

    $490, Shop Now
  • Diptyque.

    Diptyque Paris Eau de Parfum Eau Rose

    This playful rose perfume features intentionally unexpected accords of chamomile, artichoke and lychee, and contains both rose damascena and rose centifolia.

    $230, Shop Now
  • Frederic Malle.

    Frédéric Malle Editions De Parfums Lipstick Rose Perfume

    Created by Ralf Schwieger, Frédéric Malle’s beloved Lipstick Rose perfume is inspired by the smell of Schwieger’s mother’s lipstick. The primary rose note is highlighted thanks to grapefruit and vanilla, while musk, vanilla, vetiver and amber provide a grounding warmth.

    $225, Shop Now
  • Kilian.

    Kilian Roses on Ice

    Kilian’s intoxicating fragrances count none other than Rihanna as a fan, so you already know these are going to be absolutely fabulous. For Roses on Ice, the perfumer took inspiration from his wife’s favorite gin drink; it’s an enticing aroma of rose with cucumber, gin and musk.

    $245, Shop Now
  • Jo Malone.

    Jo Malone London Red Roses Cologne

    You can’t go wrong with Jo Malone’s iconic Red Roses, a unisex fragrance with lemony top notes mingled with red roses, violet and honeycomb.

    $165, Shop Now
  • Tiffany.

    Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Eau de Parfum

    Jewelry isn’t the one way to accessorize with Tiffany’s. This perfume is inspired by the luxe jeweler’s iconic diamond baubles, with a dynamic blend of blackcurrant, pink pepper, lychee and amber that play off the central blue rose accord.

    $160, Shop Now
  • Byredo.

    Byredo Young Rose

    This vibrant perfume is comprised of a youthful mix of damask rose and spicy Sichuan pepper.

    $290, Shop Now
  • Chanel.

    Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum

    Chanel has plenty of glamorous fragrances, but try their Chance Eau Tendre for a floral and fruity perfume, thanks to an angelic combination of jasmine absolute, grapefruit and rose essence.

    $165, Shop Now
  • Aerin.

    Aerin Rose De Grasse Eau de Parfum

    Up the romance vibes with this delicate perfume, composed of a blend of three different types of rose, including the ultra-rare (and very pricey) rose absolute.

    $260, Shop Now
  • Cartier.

    Cartier Pure Rose Eau de Toilette Les Epures de Parfum

    Minimalists will adore Cartier’s simple yet elegant pure rose perfume.

    $280, Shop Now
  • Amaffi.

    Amaffi June Night

    If you’re ready to commit to a fragrance with a serious splurge, consider this luxe, powdery rose perfume, with a bouquet of rose, chamomile and iris that’s complemented by rich amber accords.

    $3,000, Shop Now
  • Dior.

    Dior Miss Dior Rose N'Roses Eau de Toilette

    You can’t go wrong with this iconic, delightfully feminine perfume, thanks to a fresh combination of top notes of Grasse rose and damask rose, followed by citrusy mandarin, bergamot and geranium middle notes and a base of white musk.

    $100, Shop Now
  • Maison Margiela.

    Maison Margiela Replica On a Date

    Maison Margiela’s fragrances have a dedicated cult following, and the Replica On a Date definitely stands out even among the others. It’s a warm, flirty and romantic bouquet with rose petal and bergamot along with black currant liquor accord and patchouli; the latter two are what add the “grape” notes. It’s rounded out with geranium oil, davana oil, patchouli essence, vetiver oil and musk.

    $160, Shop Now
  • Acqua Di Parma.

    Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau De Parfum

    Spritz on this unapologetically fruity and floral perfume and transport yourself to the Mediterranean, thanks to a blend of centifolia rose with peony, violet, musk and lily of the valley, complemented by top notes of mandarin, bergamot and pepper.

    $350, Shop Now
  • Parfums de Marly.

    Parfums de Marly Delina

    This lovely bouquet proves a perfume can be sweet yet not cloyingly so; it’s a delicate mix of Turkish rose, lily of the valley and peony, with brighter notes of lychee, rhubarb, bergamot and a deeper nutmeg, vanilla, white musk and cedarwood.

    $355, Shop Now
  • Tory Burch.

    Tory Burch Essence of Dreams Sublime Rose Eau de Parfum

    The rose, blackcurrant, rosewater and freesia are anchored by the the warmer wood notes, adding a cozier feel to the fragrance.

    $125, Shop Now
  • Floris London.

    Floris London A Rose For... Eau de Parfum

    While you might not immediately associate spice with a rose perfume, that’s just what you’ll get with this rich Floris London scent, thanks to a careful balance of rose with incense, oud, orris and amber.

    $275, Shop Now
The Most Delightful Rose Perfumes for Every Fragrance Lover