Spend NYFW Men’s Day With Luxury Creator Luca Mornet

An insider's look at NYFW Men's Day, from morning to night.

Luca Mornet. Rupert Ramsay/BFA.com

Get ready, because you’re about to meet your new favorite follow in the luxury men’s sphere. Luca Mornet is a 22-year-old content creator who has gained recognition for his beauty, fashion and travel mini vlogs. It was his celebrity hairstyle tutorials, however, that really put him on the map, and led to a rapid surge in his following.  

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Mornet has since gained over 600,000 followers across his social platforms, but it wasn’t an overnight success—he started posting in 2016, and first began seeing real success in 2023, with partnerships including Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Sunglass Hut, Harrys, U Beauty, Ugg and more. 

His background has given up a truly unique outlook and take within the lifestyle space. Born in France, Mornet’s family frequently moved around while he was growing up; over the years, they resided in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Warsaw, Poland; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; The Hague, Netherlands; Milan, Italy and Shenzhen, China. He then enrolled at FIT in New York City, where he graduated with a degree in fashion marketing and business. 

Luca Mornet at Prada Beauty.

Mornet, who is now based in New York (his family still resides in Paris), speaks five languages fluently, but the brag-worthy rights of a polyglot weren’t the only thing the French influencer picked up from his years living in various countries around the world—he also learned about the fashion and beauty cultures of all these different locales. 

I initially met Mornet through his boyfriend, Julian Polak, a longtime friend, and we quickly hit it off. So when it came to New York Fashion Week Men’s Day on Friday, Feb. 9, I knew Mornet was the perfect fit for a day in the life.

Brands including Sivan, Terry Singh, Y.Chroma and Landeros New York were showing presentations throughout the morning, but that was just the start for Mornet. Later in the evening, he was personally dressed for the Philip Lim show, and ended his night at the Prada Beauty party, alongside attendees including Katie Holmes, Sofia Richie Grainge, Maude Apatow, Emira D’Spain and more. But before we get into Mornet’s NYFW, I decided to ask him his thoughts on my own Fashion Week ensemble.

Andrew Warren’s NYFW Men’s Day look. Ashley Gallerani

Vest: Dior 2024 sleeveless sweater
Jacket: AMI 2023 Winter Collection pink jacket
Necklace: Louis Vuitton MNG Pearls Party Necklace
Hat: Amazon
Pants: Amiri 2023 white wide-leg cargo pants
Shoes: White Prada loafers 

Andrew Warren: Okay, Luca. Rate my Men’s Day look, from one to 10. 

Luca Mornet: I would give it a solid 7.5. I really love each piece on its own, and think the colors match very well, but I think the texture of the pants is already making the statement, so the jacket color kind of overthrows it. That said, this is definitely an outfit I plan to  steal from Andrew’s closet!

Moving on! What’s your favorite part of NYFW ?

How exciting it is everyday to get ready and wear designs picked for you from a variety of talented designers, from small to big brands. I love the energy in New York City during fashion week—it is unmatched. Plus, seeing all my friends at different shows.

At the Ludovic De Saint Sernin afterparty at Boom Boom Room. Deonté Lee/BFA

What’s one style tip you’d give to any guy?

This is maybe a little basic, but always coordinate at least two colors in your outfit to elevate it.

What tips do you have for content creators looking to grow their careers?

One thing I have been told, and respect, is always say yes to opportunities. Even if the brand might not be a big name like Dior or Prada, it is always good to connect with that side of the industry, as these are people that will grow with you and support you. I would also say that to become an influencer in fashion, but also in general, pick up your camera and press record, and as you go about your day ideas will flow in your mind. The simple action of recording triggers something creative in your brain.

What are your thoughts on Men’s Day overall?

Men’s Day is always very fun—I love seeing new and upcoming brands. I really love the versatility of all the different designs; one brand might feature tailoring and the other outerwear.

Who was your favorite men’s day brand?

I really loved the work of Landeros New York, who created what looks like a one-piece jumpsuit for men, which I had not seen before. I also really like the colors he used, including a dark purple that reminded me of a collection Valentino did not so long ago. I’m definitely looking forward to pulling from his collection!

At Philip Lim. Luca Mornet

What did you think of the Philip Lim show?

Phillip Lim had a great presentation with the theme of “Intersection,” that I thought was very well portrayed with designs that, like an intersection, didn’t exactly match each other, but came together beautifully.

Luca Mornet at the Prada Beauty event.

Prada was the last stop of the night. How did you feel about the event?

The Prada Beauty event was so much fun, not only because of all the different activations, but also because I was surrounded by all my friends in the industry. It was also great because I loved my outfit!

Honest opinion on the Prada fragrance smell. Hit or miss?

Hit! My favorite, and one I wear and have done a campaign about is Prada Luna Rossa Ocean, which smells sexy!

The Gucci Ancora party. WWD via Getty Images

What event are you most looking forward to for the rest of NYFW?

I am very excited and looking forward to the Gucci Ancora store event on Saturday; it should be really fun, and I heard Sabato [De Sarno, Gucci’s creative director] will be there. [Editor’s note: De Sarno did not, in fact, end up making an appearance.] 

You’re out all the time for Fashion Week—what’s your morning routine?

There is no denying that I wake up looking like a total mess, with puffy eyes and messy hair. After I drink my coffee and chug a glass of water, I shower, ice roll my face and start getting ready. My number one survival tip for New York Fashion Week is simple—drink water, have a coffee and eat whenever you have the time.

Spend NYFW Men’s Day With Luxury Creator Luca Mornet