5 Strongest CBD Gummies: Best CBD Gummies of 2024

We've compiled a list of the top 5 strongest CBD gummies for pain, sleep, anxiety and stress on the market.

A guide to the strongest CBD gummies on the market.

As CBD consumption grows and therapeutic needs change, many customers want to find the strongest and best CBD gummies available. These edibles offer value and potency, perfect for substantial, effective symptom relief. But numbers aren’t everything. Just because a gummy is high in CBD doesn’t mean the results will match the label. The strongest CBD gummies depend on a few factors, such as:

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  • Extraction method
  • Retention of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Impurities that lower bioavailability 

We looked through a long list of CBD gummy vendors to see which ones provided the best sense of overall wellness. While CBD dosage varies, we’ll look under the surface and see what other features make these gummies so effective.

Benefits of High-Potency CBD Gummies

When it comes to taking CBD, dosing is a balancing act. With cannabidiol edible products, like gummies, reaching concentrations of 100 mg of CBD per unit, this opens up a new realm of therapeutic benefits.

  • Better overall effects
  • High potency
  • Ideal for strong symptom relief
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better value, even for low-dose consumers

Observer’s Strongest CBD Gummies of 2024

  1. Colorado Botanicals – Best CBD Gummies & Highest Rated
  2. PlusCBD
  3. CBDistillery
  4. Medterra
  5. R&R CBD

How We Chose the Strongest CBD Gummies

Finding the strongest CBD gummy formulations is fairly easy. The challenge is determining which of these CBD products are safe and effective. To provide an unbiased analysis, we base our list on several key benchmarks outlined below.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is standard practice in the hemp plant extract industry. Any company that doesn’t take this crucial step is either hiding something or not committed to quality.

Due to a lack of regulation, CBD products must be independently tested for contaminants. Heavy metals, chemical pesticides, solvents, microbes and fungi are just a few health hazards that can make CBD gummies unsafe.

Tests are also essential to ensure label accuracy. Labeling products as “max-strength CBD gummies” is easy, but without independent analysis, this is merely ink on paper.

With proper certificates of analysis, customers can easily confirm that their CBD gummies are formulated as advertised.

Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate

Full-spectrum CBD and isolate have advantages and disadvantages. But from a purely therapeutic standpoint, full-spectrum is superior.

While whole-plant CBD gummies have a robust array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other plant compounds, isolate comprises up to 99% CBD and contains none of those crucial ingredients.

Isolates, however, are THC-free and flavorless, making them excellent for flavor-focused vendors and THC-averse individuals.

However, since our focus is on symptom relief, we prefer to see vendors offering full-spectrum CBD gummies.

Customer Reviews

We leverage customer reviews when we can. Even the best companies have some poor reviews, but if we notice a trend – such as issues with customer service – this can impact how we rate a product.

However, some brands don’t have as much online traction as their larger, more established counterparts. For this reason, we give leeway to CBD vendors with sparse online feedback.

Blind Product Testing

Blind product testing is the core of our process. To prevent us from skewing the results intentionally or subconsciously, we remove the labels and other identifiers from each product.

Brand Reputation and Transparency

We’ve also dug a little deeper into the top brands:

  • Which labs tested their products and their accreditation
  • Extraction method
  • Company certifications – GMP, ISO, FDA, etc.
  • Overall pricing and value for money
  • Return Policy and Guarantee

1. Colorado Botanicals – Best CBD Gummies & Highest Rated

Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals offers some of the strongest CBD gummies we’ve seen. But these edible products are more than just high CBD.

A mix of responsible manufacturing, thorough testing and advanced knowledge helped Colorado Botanicals develop some of the most impressive CBD gummies, regardless of potency. Not only do their lab reports show a wide range of cannabinoids, but they are the only company that shows they can retain terpenes through their proprietary extraction method. 

Company Highlights

Established in 2017, Colorado Botanicals has an ambitious mission: to bring quality, transparency and affordability to the CBD hemp supplement industry.

The spark began when the company’s founder was visiting his grandmother – a cancer patient – at the hospital. During his visit, he spoke with a woman who gave him brief primer on CBD.

The woman explained some potential benefits of CBD products, leaving the founder with more questions than answers. Naturally, he was skeptical. An unregulated market meant it was difficult to find the best CBD extract products. However, as the industry became more quality-focused, Colorado Botanicals used every resource available.

First, the vendor uses a GMP-certified manufacturing facility, ensuring its products meet the latest, most innovative standards.

Colorado Botanicals grows its hemp in-house, providing superior quality control. Soil testing is standard practice during cultivation, and it is again tested at the crude extract and final product stages.

The brand uses CO2 extraction, preventing trace solvents. Their proprietary process involves low-temperature purification, which helps retain minor cannabinoids and terpenes typically lost during conventional CO2 processes.

We looked at the third-party lab reports on the Colorado Botanicals website. They’re easy to read and match the contents advertised on the label, which is a significant green flag for any CBD company.

In short, Colorado Botanicals maintained its mission to create high-quality, expertly formulated, potent CBD gummies.

Colorado Botanicals CBD Gummies Review

At 25 mg per piece, Colorado Botanicals offers the strongest CBD gummies on our list. But, numbers aren’t everything.

Formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract, these 25 mg vegan, non-GMO, organic, gluten free soft chews are made with low-temperature CO2 extracted broad-spectrum hemp. This process is the secret behind Colorado Botanicals strong CBD gummies.

By using a colder process, the products retain critical minor cannabinoids, like CBC, CBN, CBG, CBL, CBT and CBDV—all without any THC.

Despite being advertised at 25 mg of CBD per gummy, the rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles mean Colorado Botanicals CBD gummies punch well above their weight class.

Colorado Botanicals crafted some excellent CBD gummies, but performance needs to be balanced with flavor. Fortunately, the brand’s soft chews taste great.

Available in orange and strawberry options, each gummy flavor is made with natural ingredients, free of sugar alcohols, simulated colors or artificial sweeteners.

At $59.99 per 30-piece jar, Colorado Botanicals CBD gummies are competitively priced. However, customers can also enjoy savings with the 15% discount for subscribers.

What Customers Had To Say

Colorado Botanicals has some of the most abundant and consistent customer feedback. Currently, they have over 4,000 reviews with an average score of 4.8 out of five, including 270+ on Trustpilot. Praised for quality and customer service, Colorado Botanicals continues to receive excellent feedback.

Only four days ago (as of the writing of this article), “Alex Guy” wrote:

“The 25 MG gummies have been WORKING….I have had the thought floating around in my mind for a couple years. To give cbd a shot…. My left knee is the most grateful knee east of the Mississippi River. I can’t believe it’s been helping!?!? I’ve been somewhat skeptical about cbd. But now I am a BELIEVER. Maybe I got lucky in picking out this particular company to choose from. There are sooo many out there yikes. It took a few to several days to really notice a different but, ohh what a DIFFERENCE!?!?”

“Kevin Lanouette” is also impressed with CoBo’s CBD products:

“I was skeptical at first about CBD oil, but decided to give it a try to help me fall asleep and sleep longer and more restful. Within a week, I noticed a big difference in my sleep patterns. I now fall asleep faster, wake up fewer times throughout the night, and feel much more rested in the morning.”


  • Broad-spectrum (no THC)
  • Strong terpene and cannabinoid profile
  • CO2 extracted
  • Triple-tested
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Natural flavor
  • No sugar coating
  • Competitively priced
  • 15% discount for subscribers
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $74


  • Only two flavor options

Visit Colorado Botanicals 

2. Plus CBD

Plus CBD

Plus CBD is an old player in the CBD industry, packing over a decade of experience. With such a solid background, it’s no surprise that this isn’t the first time the brand has made our list.

Company Highlights

Opening in 2012, Plus CBD says they have “the most reliable hemp extracts on Earth.” While this is a tall order (which remains to be seen), the company is serious about this lofty goal.

Plus CBD is unique when it comes to hemp sourcing. While our other brands purchase hemp domestically or grow it in-house, Plus CBD gets its raw material from the European Union. Notably, the THC cutoff for “hemp” is lower than in the U.S., at 0.2% instead of America’s 0.3%.

More importantly, European regulations are substantially tighter. So, although Plus CBD doesn’t support domestic growers, we’re confident that the hemp is top-notch.

As is common practice in the CBD industry, Plus CBD relies on CO2 extraction. As we mentioned, this method removes the cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds

If customers need to confirm label accuracy or safety, they can look at the intuitive and easy-to-read lab results available on Plus CBD’s website.

However, there’s one area of concern. While we don’t doubt that Plus CBD adheres to the highest industry standards, the company performs its tests in-house rather than through a third-party lab.

Plus CBD CBD Gummies Review

Plus CBD continues to carry an excellent line of products. Some of their full-spectrum gummies are specially formulated using minor cannabinoids and herbal supplements, showing how the brand has embraced the science of medical cannabis.

However, others are made with isolate.

Customers can choose between CBD gummies with cannabinoids like CBN and melatonin for sleep; and THC for a more relaxing – albeit potentially intoxicating – experience.

The company’s “Daily Balance” line includes 25 mg CBD gummies. “Sleep” options are available with CBN and other herbal supplements. Individuals who want a more psychotropic experience will enjoy Pure CBD’s “Reserve Extra” CBD and THC gummies.

Plus CBD’s Daily Balance gummies contain 25 mg of CBD, but are made from isolate. While there are full-spectrum CBD options with no other compounds, those products are only available in 10 mg concentrations.

The brand’s products are surprisingly affordable at just $34.99 per 30-piece bottle or $55.99 for 60. With those prices, it’s surprising that the company offers a 25% discount for subscribers.

What Customers Had To Say

Plus CBD holds a respectable 4.3 out of five stars on TrustPilot, spanning over 4,400 reviews. They received consistent praise for their excellent customer service, products and response time.

“Monty VenHuizen” says:

“My husband and I both have noticed our arthritis is much better and we feel better overall. I have more energy, sleep better and have been able to cut way back on my antidepressant. I’m not sure if that will be long term but it seems to be doing fine so far.”

“Chadetroid” also has some excellent things to say:

“Had been on anxiety meds for a year. I slowly weened off the meds while introducing a regular dose of CBD…Happy to be off the medication and feeling great.”


  • No THC
  • Formulated with additional compounds for added potency
  • Targeted effects
  • CO2 extracted
  • Tested
  • Organically-grown
  • 30-day return policy


  • Testing is done in-house
  • Doesn’t support the domestic hemp industry
  • More focused on sleep products
  • Full-spectrum plain CBD gummies are only available in 10 mg
  • Strong CBD gummies are made with isolate

Visit Plus CBD

3. CBDistillery


Established in 2016, CBDistillery is based in Denver Colorado. This isn’t our first time covering CBDistillery and, based on what we continue to see, it won’t be the last time we cover them either.

Company Highlights

One look at CBDistillery’s website reflects the type of products this company creates. We’re greeted with their motto: “No fluff. No Fillers. Just pure, effective cannabinoid products.”

This no-frills approach means the company can focus on crafting some of the best high-potency CBD gummies.

CBDistillery doesn’t use organic hemp but describes “natural farming practices.” However, the vendor is certified by the U.S. hemp authority, so it’s unlikely that they would use sub-par hemp.

This company is one of many that embrace modern low-temperature CO2 extraction, which prevents the loss of valuable compounds that happens with conventional CO2 methods.

CBDistillery submits its product batches to third-party lab tests. Individuals can access the Certificates of Analysis online.

The brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, this only applies to purchasing a specific product the first time.

CBDistillery CBD Gummies Review

CBDistillery’s gummies come in three categories: “ahhh” plain CBD for overall wellness, “ommm” with added CBG for relaxation and “shhh” CBN-infused CBD gummies for sleep.

The brand also adds herbal supplements for added therapeutic benefits in its CBG and CBN lines. The highest CBD concentration is 30 mg per gummy across all three categories, which is impressive. However, customers have 10 mg options.

We appreciate that CBDistillery offers broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD-only products. The added supplements are icing on the cake for those interested in the CBG or CBN options.

All the brand’s soft chews are vegan, gluten-free and contain no artificial ingredients. However, flavors are limited to one option per product. The full-spectrum CBD gummies come in strawberry, while broad-spectrum customers can enjoy a natural tropical fruit flavor.

One minor issue is that most brands coat their gummies with sugar. CBDistillery is, unfortunately, no exception. But if sugar isn’t a dealbreaker, these CBD products do an excellent job of masking the “hempy” taste of full and broad-spectrum CBD extract.

At $60 for a 30-piece jar, CBDistillery’s CBD gummies are well-priced, considering their potency and quality. But subscribers receive an impressive 30% discount, the highest we’ve seen.

What Customers Had To Say

CBDistillery has a mixed score. It has a 3.8 out of five rating on TrustPilot and only five reviews.

Yelp had significantly more feedback, with 58 reviews. However, the average score sits at only two stars, with customers voicing concerns over various issue. Most notably, customer service and product efficacy are two pain points.

The few four—and five-star Yelp posts date between 2018 and 2020, with one in 2023. Judging by this pattern, CBDistillery appears to have some areas of opportunity now compared to a few years ago.

Still, our experience with CBDistillery has been positive. These reviews represent a handful of customers, so we’re confident Yelp doesn’t give the company enough credit.


  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options
  • Low-temperature CO2 extracted for maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • Excellent flavor
  • 30% discount for subscribers
  • Vegan
  • Organically-grown


  • The money-back guarantee has some restrictions
  • Mixed customer feedback
  • Sugar-coated

Visit CBDistillery

4. Medterra


Medterra first appeared in 2017, while CBD was in legal limbo prior to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized industrial hemp. We visited their gummies a few months ago, so we’re happy to see what Medterra has in store with its high-potency soft chews.

Company Highlights

It’s easy to see that Medterra values transparency. They give detailed information about their background, qualifications and extraction methods. The site does an excellent job of explaining complex industry processes in a way that is digestable for beginners.

Speaking of beginners, Medterra is very friendly to new users. Customers can take a short quiz to determine which product best meets their therapeutic goals.

Medetarry describes its purification method as “whole plant” CO2 extraction. They further explain that the process is meant to maximize active ingredients in the final extract. Although vague, this indicates that they use advanced low-temperature CO2 extraction, which is more effective at retaining cannabis plant compounds.

The process is effective, as one look at their third-party lab tests will show a nice mix of terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

Overall, Medterra’s impressive product line has enough variety to suit any customer.

Medterra CBD Gummies Review

Medterra’s strongest gummies contain 50 mg of CBD per piece. Unfortunately, this CBD product also contains 5 mg of THC in each soft chew. At 5 mg, this is more than enough to induce strong psychotropic effects for those with little to no edible THC experience.

CBD gummies. Their “Max Relief” option contains 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD, but also 2 mg of THC. Broad-spectrum options are limited to 25 mg, and include “Calm,” “Focus,” “Sleep Tight” and “Deep Sleep,” each carefully blended with additional supplements for focused benefits.

It’s unfortunate that Medterra’s strongest CBD gummy products contain enough THC to trigger a high (and more than enough to be detectable on a drug test). However, there’s an increasing demand for products like these; we don’t doubt they’re perfect for some customers.

The products range in price from $29.99 to $49.99, which is an excellent price compared to the competition. But Medterra also offers a generous 30% discount for subscribers.

Medterra’s gummies are an absolute treat, but the flavors are product-specific. Nonetheless, these naturally-flavored products taste like genuine candy, although they have a substantial sugar coating.

All-natural and vegan-friendly, Medterra’s CBD gummies are well-crafted for maximum efficacy.

What Customers Had to Say

Medterra has 14 reviews on TrustPilot with an average rating of 2.7 out of five stars. Most of the complaints center around customer service, but some ordering and product issues were reported.

We also noticed that Medterra’s feedback was better a few years ago. Hopefully they’ll address any issues they have. In our experience, though, the gummies were phenomenal.


  • Third-party tested
  • Low-temperature CO2 extraction
  • Broad-spectrum
  • No high-fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients
  • Organically-grown hemp sourced from Kentucky
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 30% discount for subscribers
  • Good price


  • Highest potency CBD gummies contain 5 mg of THC
  • Full-spectrum options contain at least 2 mg of THC
  • Heavily focused on THC gummies
  • Mixed customer reviews

Visit Medterra

5. R&R CBD


This is the second time we’ve covered R&R CBD in 2024, after they dropped off our radar years earlier. Judging by their second run on our lists, they’ve upped their game by leaps and bounds.

Company Highlights

R&R CBD was established in 2018 under the name “R&R Medicinals.”

Not all businesses create a catchy or compelling slogan, but R&R’s “CBD that works” is brief, authoritative and concise. Of course, that’s something we had to decide for ourselves, and we’re happy to report that R&R is, indeed, “CBD that works.”

R&R CBD is another of the few brands that use USDA Certified Organic hemp – something they’re particularly proud of (and rightfully so).

Using low-temperature supercritical CO2 extraction, R&R can produce a solventless extract carrying every bit of organic whole-plant goodness. Third-party tests verify label accuracy and purity.

Combined with some of the strongest CBD gummy formulas we’ve seen on this list, the organic blend of cannabis compounds is a force to be reckoned with.

R&R CBD Gummies Review

R&R CBD offers a large variety of product choices, most of which are formulated with additional minor cannabinoids. Although only one regular CBD gummy variant exists, it’s available in full and broad-spectrum formulas.

But we’re incredibly impressed with their CBD potency. The broad-spectrum gummies contain doses of 30 or 60 mg, while full-spectrum shoppers can enjoy 30, 60 or 90 mg.

None of the other brands on our list came close to that level of potency, but it’s important to remember that 60 or 90 mg is excessive to all but the most stubborn therapeutic issues. Taking too much CBD at once will be ineffective. We don’t recommend these gummies for beginners, but they’re a blessing for people who consume a lot of CBD.

Although the gummies are only available in an assorted fruit flavor, it gives the product a nice taste variety. Unfortunately, higher potency infusions come at a price. While the 30 and 60 mg options tasted phenomenal, there was a bit of a “hempy” taste to the 90 mg gummies.

But don’t hold it against them. This is an inevitable tradeoff. Nonetheless, the plant taste wasn’t overpowering, so even the 90 mg options still taste great.

Customers who want to get their hands on these gummies will have to pay a high price. The 30 60 mg gummy options retail for $44 and $80 respectively, while the 90 mg (full-spectrum only) products cost $100 for a 30-piece jar.

Although there’s a 20% discount for subscribers, customers will still have to hand over some extra cash compared to the other brands we’ve reviewed.

However, we can’t fault R&R for being pricey, considering their natural ingredients, significant potency and organic certification.

What Customers Had to Say

R&R has virtually no reviews on TrustPilot or Reddit. However, they hold an impressive 5.0 out of five stars across (as of the writing of this article) almost 600 Google reviews.

For example, “Kristy” raves about R&R’s CBD gummies:

“The R+R CBD Full-Spectrum Gummies are amazing, vegan and delicious they taste like Haribo…A lot of brands I’ve tried are only 5/10mg. I use them for pain and relaxation, and love them.”

Google user “Ana” is happy with R&R’s service, saying:

“I was very happy with the ease of ordering. Shipping was very fast, they came a lot sooner than expected. I’m glad that for my first CBD buying experience I was able to find a good quality product from a reliable company.”


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • CO2 extracted
  • Third-party tested
  • 30, 60 or 90 mg per gummy
  • 60-day guarantee
  • 20% discount for subscribers


  • 90 mg gummies are only full-spectrum
  • Expensive
  • One flavor option

Visit R&R CBD

What are the Strongest CBD Gummies?

After examining the effectiveness, safety, ingredients, flavor and value, we’ve determined that Colorado Botanicals offers the strongest CBD gummies.

Although their CBD dose per gummy isn’t the highest on our list, their ability to successfully retain beneficial cannabis compounds substantially increases the potential benefits.

High-Potency CBD Gummies vs. CBD Gummies

The difference between high-potency CBD gummies and “regular” CBD gummies isn’t as simple as the CBD content.

As we mentioned earlier, the type of extract (isolate or full-spectrum CBD) will yield different results. For instance, a full-spectrum gummy containing 50 mg of CBD may outperform a “more potent” isolate. In other words, CBD numbers are only one piece of a larger informational puzzle.

Again, this is why we prefer strong CBD gummies made with full-spectrum hemp plant extract. The addition of minor cannabinoids and terpenes yields better, longer-lasting results.

Benefits of Using the Strongest CBD Gummies


Significant research is available about CBD’s application for various types of pain. However, this also underscores how CBD efficacy isn’t correlated with dosage.

For example, one 2020 study surveyed 428 volunteers who used CBD for rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune arthritis and osteoarthritis. The researchers gathered data that tracked consumption based on each condition.

The dosages were split into four categories:

  • Less than 25 mg
  • 26 – 75 mg
  • Over 75 mg
  • Dosage not specified

Despite experiencing the same conditions, most participants used less than 25 mg, and the fewest subjects fell into the over 75 mg category.

We can gather two things from this small study.

First, the results suggest CBD may help alleviate arthritis pain. Second, most volunteers saw satisfactory results with a low to mid-range dose. This is because the relationship between cannabidiol dosage and effectiveness is more of a bell curve. Individuals need to find a “sweet spot” for the best results.

Exceeding the “sweet spot” dose will eventually make CBD less effective for pain or any other condition.

Anxiety and Stress

A significant number of consumers cite anxiety and stress as reasons for consuming CBD. Depending on the underlying cause and symptom severity, studies on CBD and anxiety involve various dosages.

One high-dose CBD study involves a small 2011 human trial on individuals with social anxiety disorder (SAD).

One group of subjects in the double-blind study received 400 mg of CBD, while the rest consumed a placebo.

After monitoring several neurological and physical benchmarks, the authors noted a demonstrable decrease in anxiety among the CBD subjects over their placebo counterparts.

High-dose CBD and anxiety treatment seem to go hand-in-hand, as shown by a 2018 study published in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry.

The study participants received 150, 300 or 600 mg of CBD or placebo. Each individual took their dose before a public speaking exercise.

According to the results, the subjects who consumed 300 mg of CBD were the only ones who noticed results, once again highlighting the “sweet spot” mechanism.


Many people report taking CBD gummies to help them get better quality sleep. But do the calming properties of CBD translate to better rest? Research is limited but appears to support CBD’s use as a sleep aid.

For instance, a 2019 review of existing literature (which included the 2018 public speaking study mentioned above) found consistent preliminary evidence that CBD gummies should be part of a person’s nightly routine.

The review also revealed that a high dose (160 mg) of CBD performed comparatively to prescription medications like Nitrazepam, a drug used for severe anxiety and insomnia. Specifically, the dosage helped increase sleep duration, but whether CBD helped induce sleep is unclear.


It’s possible that consistent dosing of high-potency CBD gummies may help improve mood and support overall wellness.

For example, a 2018 cross-sectional study examined the habits of over 2,400 CBD consumers. According to the surveys, nearly 62% of respondents used CBD for a chronic medical condition.

Although the reasons varied, depression was cited as one of three primary reasons, which also included anxiety and pain.

36% of the subjects said CBD works “very well by itself,” with 4.3% selecting “not very well” as their response.

Interestingly, non-regular cannabis users were slightly more likely to use CBD therapeutically than regular cannabis users.

How to Choose the Strongest CBD Gummies

Choosing the strongest CBD gummies involves various criteria. Aside from the main benchmarks we mentioned earlier, gummies should contain high-quality ingredients, have no artificial colors, a good choice of flavors and taste great.

Let’s recap a few key points.

Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum

We’ve covered full-spectrum and isolate, but broad-spectrum is a happy medium.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies offer superior therapeutic benefits, but THC is a concern for some consumers. A maximum percentage of 0.3% THC won’t induce intoxicating psychoactive effects, but it may show on a drug test.

Fortunately, broad-spectrum provides the best of both worlds, albeit with a slight impact on potency.

Broad-spectrum extracts are processed to remove all THC, while retaining the other critical cannabinoids and terpenes. This is a better alternative to bland isolate, broad-spectrum CBD still doesn’t retain as many compounds as full-spectrum – but it’s a close second.

CBD Potency

CBD potency boils down to raw numbers. The more milligrams per unit, the more potent the product. Again, however, other components play a role that can exceed or fall short of expectations, regardless of the listed dosage.

Cannabinoid Profile

A robust and varied cannabinoid profile is essential to harness the full effects of max-strength CBD gummies.

Not only do minor cannabinoids, like CBC, CBG and CBN, provide a combined effect with CBD, they also can tilt the product’s effects in a specific direction. For instance, an extract high in CBN will be more sedating than the relaxing and “hazy” experience of CBC.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes and cannabinoids share the same dynamic. Higher concentrations of certain terpenes will significantly impact the product’s benefits.

Myrcene, for instance, is highly sedating, while pinene is known for its energizing effects.

Check Impurities

Once again, we emphasize the importance of third-party tests and certificates of analysis. These easy-to-read documents provide everything you need to know about contaminants and impurities.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Find independent reviews on sites like Reddit or TrustPilot. To dig deeper, research the brand for issues like FDA warnings or recalls.

Additionally, look for trends in user feedback, such as quality or customer service issues.

Can I Take the Strongest CBD Gummies Every Day?

Yes, you can take the strongest CBD gummies every day. However, only do so if the dose fits your needs. If not, divide the gummy into smaller pieces.

Exceeding the necessary amount of CBD will make it nearly ineffective. If you’ve never had CBD gummies before, start with a small piece and gradually increase as needed.

Are High-Potency CBD Gummies Safe to Take?

Yes, high-potency CBD gummies are safe to take. Side effects are rare, mild and usually temporary, including:

  • Appetite changes
  • Nausea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Shifts in mood
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Elevated liver function (when used with specific medications)

Where to Buy the Strongest CBD Gummies

We’ve concluded that Colorado Botanicals offers the strongest all-around CBD gummies. Their careful formulation, extraction expertise and value make the brand an excellent overall choice.

Still, other companies stood out. They deserve credit for their unique, tasty and strong CBD gummies.


Although our list contains five brands, we examined several prominent vendors, such as Wyld CBD, Extract Labs, Cornbread Hemp and CBDfx. Many of these brands offer excellent CBD products, which we’ve covered in the past. However, CBD products continue to change, and sometimes, those innovations help companies stand out among more established competitors.

While having potent CBD gummy options is excellent, we don’t recommend doses between 25 to 90 mg for new users. Consuming too much cannabidiol will render it ineffective, which is why the “low and slow” rule always applies.

But if you don’t need a high dose, you can still benefit from the value of max-strength CBD gummies. Cut each unit into smaller pieces to stretch the product—and your dollar—as much as possible.

Again, remember that numbers aren’t everything regarding CBD dosing. Whether you choose one of the brands on our list or prefer to do your own in-depth research, remember to look for quality ingredients, testing, CO2 extraction and a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile.

5 Strongest CBD Gummies: Best CBD Gummies of 2024