The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Digital Age

Cupid’s gone digital, and we’re here to arm you with the ultimate Valentine’s arsenal for the tech-obsessed heart.

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Welcome to the wild frontier of digital-age romance, where swiping right has replaced chance encounters and emojis stand in for love letters. But fear not. Luckily, Cupid's also gone digital and we're here to arm you with the ultimate Valentine's arsenal for the tech-obsessed heart. Whether you're celebrating a love that's blossomed in the bytes and pixels of the internet or cherishing connections that have stood the test of time, the right gift can speak volumes.

Our curated gift guide of the best presents for your tech-savvy loved one isn't your run-of-the-mill assortment of tokens. It's a handpicked selection of gadgets and gizmos designed to resonate with the heartstrings of the modern tech aficionado. From immersive 3D experiences that redefine reality to sleek sound systems that bring concerts to the living room, each item bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and heartfelt sentiment for your significant other. So whether your Valentine is a gadget guru, a sound savant or a lighting aficionado, read on to discover the perfect way to celebrate love in the digital age, with all the best tech gifts.

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Apple Vision Pro Headset

Step aside, reality, because the Apple Vision Pro is about to redefine your world. In an arena where tech innovations pop up like daisies, Apple's first dive into the 3D capture universe is more like a wearable leap into a whole new dimension. This pair of cutting-edge, high-tech camera goggles makes ordinary moments extraordinary, allowing you to record and revisit them in vivid spatial 3D. The depth and detail surpass anything traditional photography can offer and the immersive audio places you right back in the heart of the memory. Interaction is intuitive—select with a tap, scroll with a flick or command with your voice. 

$3,499, shop now


Devialet Mania Portable Speaker

Devialet Mania redefines portable sound with a bluetooth speaker that pairs the vibrant richness of life's moments with unparalleled audio quality. Its sleek, compact design and signature sound adapt seamlessly to any setting, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. And for those with an eye for luxury, the Fendi x Devialet Mania edition, debuted at the fashion house’s Fall-Winter 2024 runway show, wraps this unparalleled sound in Fendi's iconic fabric. It's the best Valentine's Day gift flex for the tech-savvy and fashion-forward music lover. 

$799, shop now


Philips Hue Gradient Signe Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is precision-engineered lighting for the tech enthusiast, eschewing the need for complex installations with its straightforward plug-and-play design. Anchored by a robust metallic base and featuring a sleek metal tube with an integrated gradient LED strip, the Signe seamlessly integrates into any decor. Ideal for corner placement, it excels in casting dynamic, vibrant colors or temperature-adjusted lighting to enhance productivity or relaxation. Sync to Spotify for an immersive experience tailored to your playlist.

$314, shop now

Philips Hue

TheraFace Pro

The TheraFace Pro stands at the forefront of facial wellness technology, offering an unparalleled all-in-one solution for advanced skin care. Created for those who prioritize self-care and facial health, this device incorporates a suite of scientifically validated therapies: facial percussive therapy to alleviate muscle and jaw tension, LED light therapy targeting eye wrinkles and acne reduction and a novel approach to deep facial cleansing. TheraFace Pro also adapts to the user, thanks to its innovative magnetic ring system, which facilitates effortless interchangeability and combination of treatments for a customized skin care regimen. 

$399.99, shop now


XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector

This sleek projector emerges as a perfect gift for connoisseurs of high-caliber home entertainment systems. It distinguishes itself through a fusion of vivid, true-to-life 4K UHD imagery, capable of transforming any space with visuals projected up to a giant 200 inches. Audio performance is equally impressive, with integrated Harman Kardon speakers that envelop the room in cinematic sound, eliminating the need for external audio setups. The Horizon Pro excels in user-friendly operation as well with advanced auto-focus features that provide seamless, automated screen adjustments and obstacle avoidance, maintaining an optimal viewing angle and uninterrupted entertainment, with Android TV compatibility—unfortunately, there’s no Netflix option just yet. 

$1,499, shop now

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Who needs a bartender when you've got the smart home-worthy Bartesian cocktail maker at your beck and call? This genius device brings the sophistication of a high-end cocktail lounge right to your kitchen counter. Just load it up with your spirits of choice—vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin or rum—add water and pop in one of the Bartesian capsules. These little wizards are packed with the premium bitters, extracts, juice concentrates and mixers you’d normally have to hunt down in specialty stores. With a quick scan of the capsule’s barcode, the Bartesian not only knows what drink you’re craving but also recommends the perfect glass to serve it in. 

$369.99, shop now


Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

This is the alarm clock the internet can’t stop buzzing about—and it's TikTok-viral for good reason. Loftie gets you out of bed with a two-phase alarm system that actually understands the art of waking up gently. Think of it as your sleep coach, easing you into the day rather than throwing you into the deep end. Powered by a companion app, it’s also your nightly retreat into relaxation with an arsenal of white noise, sound baths, breathwork and bedtime stories designed to send you off to dreamland.

$149, shop now


The Motli Light Electric Lighter with LED Flashlight

Forget about your grandad's flint and fuel. This gadget is where form meets function in a blaze of glory. With a patented design that boasts a battery life longer than the last season of your favorite binge-watch, the Motli Light is a must-have for every household; you get up to 1,000 lights per single charge. Armed with a USB rechargeable lighter and high-powered LED flashlight, it’s ready to illuminate your late-night adventures or the depths of a cluttered drawer, whether you're sparking up a barbecue, lighting candles for a cozy evening or simply navigating the dark.

$45, shop now


Jura Z10 Coffee Maker

In the world of coffee makers, there's a hierarchy—and Jura's luxury coffee machines sit comfortably at the top. The Z10 is a marvel of modern engineering that transforms the humble coffee bean into a masterpiece of caffeination, hot or cold. Beyond "push-button" simplicity, this machine features a 4.3-inch touch-screen display and rotary controller that feels like you're a futuristic barista. And with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can boss it around from your bed or link up with Jura's Cool Control to keep your milk nice and frosty.

$3,999, shop now


Bowers and Wilkins Px8 Premium Wireless Over Ear Headphones

These high-quality headphones are what happens at the confluence of superior acoustic performance, advanced materials and cutting-edge technological integration. As Bowers and Wilkins’ flagship model, the Px8 is built for audiophiles seeking an unparalleled listening experience, merging premium aesthetics with functionality. You’ll love the robust built-in rechargeable battery, designed for up to 30 hours of continuous wireless playback with noise cancellation activation, and a full recharge that takes merely two hours, so you can listen to your favorite tunes and podcasts on end.

$699, shop now

Bowers and Wilkins

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and blanket hogging. This latest iteration of Eight Sleep’s tech-fueled mattress topper takes the concept of beauty sleep to a whole new level, offering a temperature-controlled haven crafted with tiny tubes of water. It’s a truly great gift, with state-of-the-art sleep tracking, it monitors your slumber, analyzing and learning from your sleep stages, heart rate and other factors to fine-tune temperature settings, ensuring that every night's sleep is better than the last.

$2,295, shop now

Eight Sleep

Courant Mag 3 Charging Tray

This elegant charging solution brings order and style to your space, merging MagSafe and Qi technologies to simultaneously power your iPhone and Apple AirPods earbuds with ease. There’s even an extra USB-C port that’s perfect for your Apple Watch. The redesigned charger tray expands its capacity within a contemporary shape, making it an ideal addition for tidying up your everyday items, whether on the kitchen counter or bedside table.

$150, shop now


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