How to Get an Artist (or Remote) Visa Nearly Anywhere

You may be asking yourself if where you’re at is where you want to be, so we collected a list of work visa options for you to jet away to.

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Sometimes it isn't working out where you are and you want to consider somewhere else. There are many reasons for working in a different country, from just wanting to try something different for a while or hoping for a chance to permanent residency. It's the history of the United States that when everything hits the fan, Americans seek new options. The definition of artist is fairly broad and many countries created remote work visas after the pandemic. This is a list of various options, from silly easy to a bureaucratic mess, for remote work for both creative and non-creative work visas. There's a little something for everyone. An American passport and access to an immigration lawyer allows you a fruitful amount of options to consider for work.


  • Work for a year

So applying to work in Barbados became very easy after 2020 since they created one specifically for remote work. It comes with probably the most significant upfront visa cost yet also the wildest and easiest application process. For $2,000 you can apply online, fill out the application, check a box that says you expect to make $50,000 this year, and agree to take a Covid-19 test. That's all it takes to get a work visa in Barbados, so if you're a remote worker who wants to work on a beach, it's quite easy to accomplish.

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Scotland District, Saint Andrew Parish, Barbados. [(De Agostini via Getty Images) (ABOVE Feature image: Harbour on the island Gozo, Malta on November 25, 2019. (Photo by Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto via Getty Images)] De Agostini via Getty Images


  • Permanent visa

Australia is actually quite an easy grab. It's actually one of the easier countries to permanently move to as a creative, really only requiring a friend to vouch for you and just proof that you are respected in your field. It also provides an easy pathway to eventual citizenship.

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The landmark Sydney Opera House on August 10, 2022 is lit up in pink in memory of singer and actress Olivia Newton-John, who passed away August 8 aged 73. - The pink lights honour the late star's contributions to cancer research and awareness. Singer Olivia Newton-John, who gained worldwide fame as high school sweetheart Sandy in the hit musical movie "Grease," died on August 8 after a 30-year battle with cancer. (Photo by ASTON BROWN/AFP via Getty Images) (Photo by Aston Brown / AFP) (Photo by ASTON BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

South Korea

  • One to Three Years

There are multiple kinds of visas available for those thinking of moving to South Korea to work. For artists specifically, you'll want to look into the E 6-1 visa but South Korea is unique in honestly providing a variety of work visas for various professions. So if you're not an artist, you could still have a job that could qualify for a professional work visa in South Korea.

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A general view shows apartment buildings and the Seoul city skyline. (AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images


  • One year

Obviously getting to chill out and live your life on a beautiful European island daily sounds dreamy, and guess what it's really not that hard to make happen for yourself. The Maltese work visa just requires that you either own a company or are self-employed, won't take on Maltese clients, have an income of $2,700 monthly, proof of your work being remote, and a clean criminal record. One notable thing that might be a bit of a headache to attain, but worth it if you want it, is Maltese health insurance which is required for the work visa. To get started you just have to reach out to the nearest Maltese embassy.

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People enjoy their summertime on the Ramla beach on the island of Gozo, Malta, June 25, 2022. (Photo by Jonathan Borg/Xinhua via Getty Images) (Photo by Jonathan Borg/Xinhua via Getty Images)


  • Up to four years

Obviously people have been moving to Mexico City in hordes, for better or worse, but the reality is the Mexican government does provide an incredibly appealing work visa. All that is required is a completed application, proof of income and savings, proof of skills, proof of clients, and to agree to work remotely but not have any Mexican clients. Basically if you prove you can support yourself, and don't mind some bureaucracy, you can get a year residency with a $200 visa cost. Just be sure to contact the nearest Mexican embassy.

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01 February 2022, Mexico, Mexiko-Stadt: View of the center of Mexico City, home to more than 9 million people with a population density of 6,163.3 inhabitants per square kilometer. Photo: Axel Hid/dpa (Photo by Axel Hid/picture alliance via Getty Images) dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

Abu Dhabi

  • Unknown

For those interested in spending an extensive amount of time in Abu Dhabi, seemingly the visas focus on this city only, which arguably has a very up and coming art scene, you're in luck. There are specific creative visas for those wanting to come to the city, their immigration site asks for those who work in "heritage, performing arts, visual arts, design and crafts, gaming and eSports, and media and publishing." There aren't many details regarding the application process online, instead they ask interested applicants to register their interest with the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi.

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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - 2021/11/08: A view of Abu Dhabi skyline. (Photo by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett


  • 3 months to five years

Japan is very welcoming in many ways, bureaucratically, to work visas but there is a unique twist. Before one can be approved for Japan's working visa (which can last anywhere from five years to to three months) one must first receive a a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). These can only be given by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan. The COE confirms that the foreign national agrees and understands the conditions of arrival in Japan, as well as the legitimacy of their work in the country.

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The city skyline is seen at dusk from the Tokyo Skytree observation deck in Tokyo on October 10, 2021. (Photo by PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images) (Photo by PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images)


  • Various lengths but can be converted to permanent residency

Germany has a lot of unique approaches to visas, from the Berlin artist visa to the general freelancer one. You can get a Berlin specific artist visa but to live in other cities in Germany you will need a normal freelancer visa. For the general freelance visa, there are many unique requirements (in a very German way, they require a plan you can provide for your freelance work moving forward) but it is certainly worth it to be able to live and work in Germany.

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15 April 2022, Berlin: A view down W├╝hlischstra├če in Friedrichshain towards the Berlin TV tower. (dpa/picture alliance via Getty) dpa/picture alliance via Getty I


  • Up to four years

Canada also has work visas, which you can apply for both outside Canada, at the border of Canada, and while inside Canadian borders. All of these have different requirements, so pay attention to the rules for each carefully. There are two work visas in Canada, those that are employer-specific (as in your employer has sponsored you) as well as open work visas, which allow you to work for any Canadian employer. The only real requirement regarding what type of work listed on the Canadian immigration website is you cannot intend to work for an employer that "regularly offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages."

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Buildings by Lake Ontario along the skyline of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on July 08, 2022. (Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images) NurPhoto via Getty Images

Costa Rica

  • Two years

With a regular income of $2,500 and $250 to spare on visa fees, a background check, and proof that you either own a business or are self-employed (aka you are your own business) you can easily get a two year work visa in Costa Rica, that comes with options to renew. Having lived in Costa Rica for a brief time before, I can attest it is certainly a relaxing place to write or create.

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Isla Tortuga Beach, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica. (De Agostini via Getty Images) De Agostini via Getty Images

United Kingdom

  • Three to five years

If you're considered a leader in your field, and especially if you've won a prestigious award, you could easily be accepted to the United Kingdom's Global Talent visa program. With the ability to stay for up to five years, be self-employed, no language requirement, or even minimum salary, it's a good bet that if you're semi-successful you could get a working visa. There is a route to permanent residency.

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 2022/07/08: General view of The Shard building and London Bridge on a clear sunny day. (Photo by Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) (Photo by Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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