The Most Exclusive Parisian Nightclubs

Whether you’re looking for everyday-chic or once-in-a-lifetime-debauchery, Paris offers endless options to spend your night in style.

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Paris is a city of unspoken rules and secret spots. That culture of concealed exclusivity is rooted in the city’s history and can be traced back to French revolutionary times, when writers, artists and intellectuals often gathered in obscure, out-of-the-way places to discuss ideas and create works that would come to define their eras. The city’s labyrinthine streets and hidden courtyards provided perfect venues for secret gatherings.

That culture of exclusivity is what defines Paris’ nightlife today. In a city of over two million people, the best parties are carefully hidden from the public eye. Paris’ thriving nightlife scene includes locales ranging from posh to historical and from grunge to elegant. Whether you’re looking for everyday-chic or once-in-a-lifetime-debauchery, Paris offers endless options to spend your night in style—though some doors aren’t as easily accessed as others.

The City of Lights creates a hidden refuge for modern bohemia to unwind behind closed doors and celebrate creativity and spontaneity. Below, see the five Parisian nightclubs that embody the city’s ethos. 


  • 58 Rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris, France

Nestled within the heart of Paris' prestigious Golden Triangle, Raspoutine is your destination for a night of timeless elegance.  Originally envisioned as a cabaret in 1965 by the artist Erté, Raspoutine's opulent Byzantine red velvet decor and sophisticated atmosphere make it a popular choice for the most exclusive parties during Paris Fashion Week. Once frequented by Serge Gainsbourg and Marlene Dietrich, Raspoutine continues to transform Paris nightlife into an elevated mystical experience, with patrons including Leonardo DiCaprio, Carine Roitfeld and Naomi Campbell. While the private parties are invitation-only, the club is open to the public on other nights, though the door is notoriously exclusive.

Raspoutine. Matteo Prandoni/


  • 142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France

Designed by legendary film director David Lynch, Club Silencio is inspired by his fictional Mulholland Drive cabaret of the same name. Fans of the film will remember it as grotesque, sublime and downright bizarre; a style perfectly translated into the mood of this venue. Featuring three intimate rooms, each with its own original dark cinematic setting and edgy prints, Silencio is a maze of winding caverns, candle-lit nooks and dance floors; past musical performers include A$AP Rocky, the Black Keys and Lana Del Rey The first half of the night is limited to the private club members and their guests, before the doors open to the general public at midnight. 

Silencio. Alexandre Guirkinger

Le Carmen

  • 34 Rue Duperré, 75009 Paris, France 

Le Carmen is located in a former private mansion of 19th-century French composer Georges Bizet, who reportedly composed his opera Carmen in this very home. After his death, this two-floor Rococo-style venue was turned into a brothel known (among other things) for its great dining options. Eventually it evolved into a nightclub, and has hosted parties with everyone from Bella Hadid and Virgil Abloh to Cindy Crawford and Kendal Jenner. The sumptuous décor, including empire loveseats, crystal chandeliers, gigantic mirrors and even a large gilded cage in the middle of the dance floor, is unapologetically decadent.

Bella Hadid and late designer Virgil Abloh at Le Carmen. Hunter Abrams/


  • 15 Rue Princesse, 75006 Paris, France

Club Castel has been a staple of Parisian nightlife since its establishment in 1962 by Jean Castel. Over the decades, Castel has become a hotspot for the creative elite, attracting luminaries such as Salvador Dalí, Paul McCartney and Yves Saint Laurent. Castel operates as a private members' club, and an elusive membership is highly sought after. It’s a rigorous selection process; individuals who bring a unique cultural or artistic contribution to the community are preferred.

The understated entrance leads to a dimly-lit dining room, referred to as "L'Enfer" (hell), with bookshelf-lined walls filled with rare erotic literature. Later in the night, guests migrate to multiple bar areas, secret nooks, hidden passages and different dance floors. Castel is designed as a labyrinth of cozy elegant spaces, creating the perfect setting for intimate  mingling.

Castel. Matteo Prandoni/


  • 3 Avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris, France

Matignon is one of the newer players in Paris’ nightlife scene (at least compared to some of the others), but it is a powerhouse nonetheless. Founded in 2010 by Paris-born promoter and artistic director Cyril Péret and French restaurateur Gilbert Costes, from the very beginning it was introduced as the favored exclusive venue for top brands and celebrities. Club Matignon is an explosion of carefree fun; a party that never ends for a lifestyle that doesn’t tolerate the ordinary. Lights, confetti, fireworks, dancers, performers and, most importantly, privacy (apart from an occasional press event or a brand presentation, Matignon frowns upon taking photos and videos), are what makes Le Matignon an attractive destination for a night out in Paris. Dress as if you were in Berlin and didn’t want any attention.

Stella Maxwell, Bella Hadid and Chase B. at Matignon. Hunter Abrams/

And a few honorable mentions: For a night of upscale partying in Paris you can also consider Le Marta for some boudoir Marie Antoinette-style debauchery, and L’arc for some pure old school glam and hip hop. 

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